Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remembering This Moment: Ballet

I wrote a while back about memory keeping and really making an effort to remember a moment.  Not an event or a special occasion, but just a moment in our day.  It might be a moment that happens day after day, like toast at breakfast.
Or something that I stumble upon and want to remember always.
I am going to try to post one "Remembering This Moment" post a week.
Because time is flying.  
I look at pictures from 2 months ago and it seems like a lifetime ago.
These little people are my life's work.  
I want to celebrate these moments I have with them before the moments are gone.


Lilly loves ballet.  She has been given numerous tutus and every day she puts one on and asks to do ballet.  I turn on some music for me and she begins.

I want to remember her sturdy brown body.
Her blond, blond hair.
How she often wears a tutu and no top.
How she is utterly unembarrassed and utterly free.
She is wholly engrossed in her own world of ballet.

She is very serious about it.

She really feels the music.  When we listen to Mr. Roboto, Johnny Cash or The Beach Boys, she engages in a completely different kind of dancing.  For ballet she likes slow music and her posture and countenance change instantly. 
And her brothers run from the room howling, "no ballet!"  

Obviously her brothers won't do ballet with her, so she loves it when I do.  Or better yet, a girl friend who will wear a tutu too and spin with her.

When she is done, she takes a bow.  A very deep and long and heartfelt bow.  

I want to remember this moment when she is all grown up and maybe has a girl of her own and my view of the past has gotten blurry from passing time.
I will remember her right now, because it was only a moment ago she was this girl and soon she will be another sort of girl all together.

I hope you find a moment to remember today.
Much love from,


Laura Younger said...

Oh I love this Greta! I think this is such a wonderful idea to log the little, special moments. They are the most important, and also the most vulnerable for being forgotten. xo

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a great post, greta! what a great moment to capture.

Tammy Callis said...

Okay, this one made me tear up because I remember Magnolia at that age but even just 3 years ago can sometimes feel like a lifetime ago. I've got the pictures to remind me but not organized ever so nicely in a blog. What a great treasure you have! I love that you said these little ones are my life's work. What a truly amazing job we have!

Anonymous said...

That secong picture of Lilly dancing is incredible! I'm thinking Costco's pictures on canvas. Soooo cute!

Cindy said...

Hi there,
Popping over from Heather's blog.
I love all that I see here! Your photos are beautiful and so is your family.
I love this post and the idea of capturing the little moments. We watch home movies a lot together. It makes you quickly realize just how fast they are growing and changing.
Thanks for the inspiration to watch out for the "ordinary".
I look forward to coming back again.
Enjoy the day