Monday, August 9, 2010

First: Bowling

The boys got to go bowling for the first time last week.  They were sold the moment we walked in the door.  I haven't been bowling in ages. but as soon as they began, I remembered how much fun it is.  I thought ahead to times when we'll go out for family bowling night.  When they'll try their hardest to beat one another and especially us.  A little family competition is good.

But for now, bowling was a much slower event.  
There was no competition.
Just pure enjoyment of the newness of it all.

Watching the balls come up the ball delivery thingy.
"It's like magic!"

Trying out different bowling styles.

Waiting our turn.

Watching the bowl roll, ever so slowly, down the lane to knock over 1, 2, maybe even 5 pins. 
Or miss them all completely.

And of course, we all loved the shoes.

I'm looking forward to another busy week of summer fun.  But I'll be wearing flip flops.
Happy Monday.
Love from,

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