Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remembering This Moment -- and Some More on Memory Keeping

The more I write down the moments that make up these swiftly passing days with my little people, the more passionate I am becoming about memory keeping.
These are the stories of my life.  And of theirs.  They are the chronicles of our family.  
They need to be remembered.  

The hardest part, of course, is how to go about doing that.  For me, it has come in the form of this blog. At first, this blog was simply a digital scrapbook.  I am glad to see how it has grown into something bigger, that I can one day look back and see the thoughts that were occupying my heart and mind during these whirlwind days.  
I am glad I can turn these computer pages into "real life" pages so we have a hard copy to keep forever.
I am so glad I started this blog because it is the easiest way I have found to keep my memories.

What about you?  Do you keep your memories?  Do you store them somewhere besides heart and head so that they can be shared and enjoyed when you are gone?  I hope so.
If you are not a blogger, maybe there is something else that works for you.
Here are some ideas:
A scrapbook.  I had to move away from all the bells and whistles scrapbooks.  I got lost in the decorating.  But the most important thing is the picture and the words you write about it.  If you can stick to that no frills combo, you will have books full of beautiful memories to share.
A journal.  Even less intimidating than a scrapbook, a journal can be kept by our bed, or in the kitchen.  You can jot down the funny thing Mikey said and maybe post a picture in there too.  It can be quick.  You don't have to make it pretty or lengthy.  Just words on a page is what matters.
A shoe box.  If you are even so short on time that you can't manage a quick page in a journal, then, get a shoe box.  Or some kind of box.  Label it 2010.  Put pictures from that year in it.  (It's better than never downloading them off the computer or shoving them in a drawer, right?) Put Christmas lists in it.  Put notes from the kids in it.  Put your packing list for vacation in it.  It will be a box of memories for this year and might be the easiest way I know of keeping memories.
Lastly, be sure you capture the moments.  It is important to remember the minutia of the everyday, not just the trips to Disneyland.  Be watchful.   They are happening all the time.  Capture them.  Write them down.  This is memory keeping at its very best.
Just remember, it's all in the details.

I want  to remember this moment.
The 3 of them, outside, eating their popsicles together.
Each lost in his own world, but still enjoying each other.
Those windows I cannot keep clean, no matter how I try.
Our back patio and garage door in the "before" stage.  (for how long, I wonder?)

I want to remember Lilly's pool hair.  How she hates to wear a bathing suit top.  How she has popsicle juice dripping down her chubby tummy and everywhere else, too.

I want to remember how William spends the majority of his day in his undies.  He starts out in swim trunks, but changes when he wants to come inside.  Then begins the endless stream of wet undies for each new dip in the pool.  He just grabs whatever pair is handy.  Even his brother's--which are far too big.

I want to remember James trying and trying to get the whole pop in his mouth.  Waiting to see how long it takes before it has melted enough.
I want to remember him saying, "I don't know anybody else's Mommy who makes them treats as good as this every day."

I want to remember how much fun they have--just eating popsicles together.

How William and Lilly play popsicle tag and try to tag each other's bottoms with their popsicles. 
But funny.

I want to remember patio and driveway covered with sticky dots.

I want to remember these popsicle days.
Because they don't last very long.


On our sticks right now: Blueberry Banana Pops.

It was grocery shopping day, we were out of everything, so we rummaged to find ingredients for these pops.  They turned out to be one of our favorites.
Frozen blueberries
A dollop of sour cream for creaminess. (out of yogurt)
Some cherry juice (out of milk)
A ripe banana
Flax seed meal
Blend, freeze and enjoy the moment!

I believe this is my 3rd post concerning these popsicles in some way.  Maybe 4th.  What can I say?  We're into them this summer.
That is why I had to laugh when I visited Orangettte and saw this.  She has a recipe for raspberry pops that is a little more specific than mine if you care to take a peek.

Have a happy day, making memories and enjoying the moment!
Love from,

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Lillian said...

Our sweet threesome, such fun to see them interact with each other. Great pictures as usual. Thank you for the memories!