Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camping At Doheny State Beach -- Day 3 (and a bit about memory keeping)

Day 3.  A big part of camping is the food.
At least to me it is.
And now to my family.

My kids were introduced to Lucky Charms this camping trip.

Lilly and William were big fans.  ( we were packing up in this picture so yes, we were letting them eat right off that filthy picnic table.  It's camping.  You have to let a lot of things go.)
James not so much.  His tastes are more refined.  His favorite camping food: brie cheese and a baguette.  Actually that is his favorite food all the time, but he is sure to get it when we go camping.
I let them pick out some favorite things to eat on our camping trips.
William always wants BBQ potato chips and strawberries.
I like to cook bacon for breakfast since I never make it at home.
Aaron likes to eat the marshmallows we bring for hot cocoa and s'mores.  He never eats them any other time.
This time I brought Nutella for the s'mores.  Way, way better than a chocolate bar.  You should try it.

These are the important details to remember when you are documenting a camping trip. 
Like so much of life, it's all in the details.
We forget those little nuggets.  And it is easy to write down what everyone's favorite foods are when you are putting your pics in an album , or just shoving them in a box.  Put them all in an envelope, label it and slip in the list.  You will be so glad you did when you look at those pictures in 10 years.  
You will smile.
It doesn't take very much at all to record your memories.  Just remember, it's all in the details.

The kids got one last read from our borrowed book and then we said goodbye until next time.

There was one more stop to make before we headed home.  A ways down the beach from the campsite, is the day use section of Doheny beach.  I highly recommend it, even if you can't make it to the campground.
This is the beach of Beach Boys fame.  It is movie set perfect with white sand, palm trees, volleyball nets, bikes to rent and William's favorite part, a Snack Shack.

Ever since we explored the beach our first day, the Snack Shack called his name.  He told everyone about it and wanted to get there so badly.  For fries.

So we ordered 2 fried and sat at Doheny beach for a last bit of camping food indulgence.  It was a good way to end the trip.

True to form, I realized there was not one picture of me and the kids on this campout.  I would like them to know I was around for all these things. And I hope that someday they'll want some pictures of their mother.  Or their kids will.  Or someone will.
It went just like usual:
Lilly wouldn't even be in it because she only wants Daddy.
James and William were slightly more willing.


And in the end, we just resorted to this.

My grandchildren are going to think I had crazy facial ticks.

Camping trip # 2--a complete success.  Where should we head next?  William is dying to go to the Grand Canyon.  It's a bit more of a drive.
But we're thinking about it.

Happy trails, campers.
Love from,


Desirae said...

I agree with you 100%! So much of camping is the food. I think it is one of the only times I buy a ton of junk food. After all, it's camping. Whenever we go, the trailer is just stocked full of food, so much we never eat. However, a couple of "always"treats are bacon, because it is so RARELY cooked at home, and of course s'mores. It is just not a campfire experience without them! And I must say, I do miss camping at the beach. Our yearly camping trip growing up was at Carpinteria State Beach, up near Santa Barbara. WE went every year the first week in August, (and got our site a year in advance! Craziness!) Anyway, definitely some of the best childhood memories I have.

Happy Camping! Love Desirae

katie said...

Mmmm...Lucky Charms=Lucky Kiddos.

Thompson Family said...

Greta - we just took Ember to the Grand Canyon last week and drove from Washington - it was so worth the drive - it was AMAZING!