Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To the Buoy and Back Again

Saturday was another scorcher.  So we headed to the beach for the 4th time that week.
This time Daddy got to come and as soon as we set down our stuff, James was ready to swim to the buoy.  
He made it!  No help from Daddy.  When he got tired he floated on his back or did the backstroke.

I think he was pretty happy to be swimming around out there, even though sometimes it was a little scary to be in water so deep.  They did catch a shark in water not too far from where we were last summer.
Of course, I didn't mention that!
I just gave him a high 5 when he made it back to the sand.
Way to go James!

Not one to miss out on the fun, William climbed on the surf board and took off.

He paddled all the way to the first buoy without a bit of help, and then Aaron said he wanted to keep going.  So they did.
I looked up and couldn't even locate them.
Then I saw them. William wanted to paddle to the other buoy.  Not the second yellow one, but a white one that is even farther away.

He did it.
All by himself.  Aaron never had to give him a push.
That William.  He never stops surprising us.
He wouldn't even let us congratulate him on his long, solo paddle.
He just hid his face and said, "I want James and Noah to do it, too."
My sweetheart.

But I think he was pretty happy about it.  Don't you?

I love to remember their accomplishments.  
6 and 4--they're shaping up to be pretty good years for us.

Happy summer swimming to you!
Love from,

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katie said...

Wow! You have some strong little guys in your house! What a fantastic spot for your family to spend long summer days together.