Friday, November 30, 2012

Remembering This Moment: Rainy Day

I have not done one of these posts in a very long time.
(here's one from quite a while back--look at how little my Davy is)
But as I looked through these pictures I took today, I thought, "I want to remember this."
I want to remember these moments with them, because I am sure there will come a day when it won't be like this anymore.  
And the craziness of it all will grow dim.  
I won't remember how many things happened in one, half hour block of time.
I won't quite remember the noise.
Or the energy.
And I want to.
I want to remember how much I laugh when they make silly videos and shake their bootys at the camera and giggle like it is the best thing ever.
I want to remember rainy days when I let them run in the house, and play chase, and how loudly all of us are screaming every time we nearly crash into each other.
I want to remember that we were all getting grumpy and cabin feverish, and that doing jumping jacks, skipping around the house, and dancing to the music turned up real loud, made everything better.
I want to remember when our life was this simple.
I want to remember these moments.
By taking the time to photograph and write about these moments of my life, I hope I can look back on this time and say, "really?  My life was really like that?"
And then I can congratulate myself for surviving.
Just kidding.
Kind of.
Because, really, it's gets pretty crazy up in here.
After 2 days of grey, rainy weather, and being mostly stuck in the house, some of us were, literally, climbing the walls.
Aside: am I the only one who has the house rule, YOU CAN ONLY CLIMB THE WALLS WHEN YOUR FEET ARE CLEAN?
I thought so.
Lilly refuses to believe that she cannot do what her brothers do. 
So she's been working on her wall climb.
Today, she mastered it.
Going up.
Almost there.
I didn't get the shot, but she made it to the top and then slid back down the wall like a fire pole.
Feeling all the pent up energy and being unable to send them outside to climb the tree, I decided to take charge of the situation.
We all needed a break from school and to move around the room.
We needed to shake the grouchies that were growing in all of us.
So we did crunches, side stepped around the house, did push ups, skipped, and did lots of jumping jacks.
They were all smiling and laughing the whole time.
It's pretty funny when your mom makes you do jumping jacks to get out of a bad mood, right?

Even David got in on the act.
Look at him jump back there.
 After a bit, they collapsed on the floor claiming exhaustion.
 The tickling began in mere seconds.
And the next thing I knew, clothes were off and there was a full blown wrestling match going on.
This was no surprise.
After they tired of wrestling (or before some of them tired of wrestling) I suggested a dance party.
They asked for Rock Lobster, and we started dancing.
Apparently weapons are needed while dancing, and weapons can be had in the kitchen.
That's where they headed.
They quickly found what they were looking for.

 James led the charge around the house, weapons in hand, and hips shaking to the music.
Our play list included, The Love Shack by the B-52s, Darth Vader's music from Star Wars, Mr. Roboto by the Styx, Sister Kate by the Diddy Bops, and I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash.
We like to mix it up.
Then William put on a little Glen Miller and did a show for us.

Lilly was next.

And that was all in less than an hour.
Everyone was smiling and happy.
We watched the videos we took of ourselves dancing.
We laughed a lot.
Then we ate lunch.
David went down for a nap.
And our after lunch reading and drawing time was calm and enjoyable, just like it should be.
As crazy as they might be, I love these little people to pieces.
Wishing you a weekend full of many moments that you want to remember.
Love from,


Aaron Eskridge said...

Thank you for capturing the beautiful pandemonium, and our beautiful children. Looks like you're yelling and scrapping, and enjoying every moment with this crew!

I love you, my beautiful darling wife.

ally said...

this pictures are priceless. you are an incredible mama to your sweet children!