Thursday, November 15, 2012

Every Party Should Have a Photo Booth

For Erin and Henry's shower, I wanted to have a photo booth.
All too often the only shower pictures that get taken are the ones of the mom or bride opening gifts.
Don't get me wrong, the gifts are nice, but what you really want to remember are the people who came and showered you with those gifts.
I think Erin will enjoy looking back at these photos of all her friends who came out to celebrate the life of her sweet baby boy.
I admit, I was a little hesitant about how everyone would react to the photo booth.
Would they be embarrassed and awkward?
Would they not participate?
But I plowed ahead, hung up my vintage sheet for a backdrop, and told everyone we were taking photo booth pictures, dang it!
No one argued.
And since I had props, the awkward factor didn't happen.
Everyone was just silly, and had lots of fun.
There was lots and lots of laughter.
It was perfect.

To make my photo booth, I simply chose a brightly colored sheet to hang on the wall.
There are lots of fabulous things you can make for a backdrop, but making anything was not in the cards for me this time.
Maybe for another party when I am not doing everything the night before....
See some examples of backdrops here, here, and tons of ideas here.

You also need props for a good photo booth.
It gives people something to do with their hands.
Again, I went simple.
Because it was a shower for a baby boy, I cut out different kinds of mustaches on different colored papers, and hot glued them to wooden, cooking skewers.
You know the kind you use when you are making kabobs for the grill?
You'll find them at the grocery store for cheaper than the craft store.
And use hot glue, it holds up better.
Of course there are lots of other props you can use, but again, sometimes it's best to just go simple.

That was all it took to get lots (and I do mean lots--this is only a handful) of fun pictures for Erin to hold onto long after Henry outgrows his onesies.
Take a peek.
Erin and Henry.
Mustaches can also be eyebrows.
Henry with his mommy and granny.
Erin, Henry and Hillary.
Muscle men.
Me, my mom and my sis.
Erin and Kerri, her former Sunday school teacher,
and now, dear friend.
These girls were the first ones in the booth!
Annie and Emma.
 I used to babysit Annie, and now she has 3 boys and a girl, just like me!
Erin and Summer.
Summer is Kerri's daughter, whom Erin has been babysitting since Summer was born.
Mothers and daughters.
Kerri, Summer, Chris, Kristin.
These girls used to sit on my bed as teenagers, doing Bible study with me.
Now they're all grown up!
Me and my sissy, Kristen.
Even with a mustache she's beautiful!
Kerri1 was my Sunday school teacher too.
Wait, what?!
Chris and Kristen.
Erin, Henry and Rata.
More mothers and daughters.
Peg, Annie, and Emma.
Kerri and Summer.
After the sun went down and the party was over, 
the other men in Erin's life came to check out the party scene.
We decided to get some family photo booth shots.
Zeke wasn't really into it.
But Justin looks good in a stash.
Are these two perfect for each other or what?
And now, a collective, 
Baby Henry, we are so very glad you are here.
You are already much loved.
Welcome to the world, little man! 

If you made it through all those pictures of people you probably don't know, don't forget to check out this post on the amazing friendship I am blessed to live out with Erin and her family.  
I've also posted a few more pics of the shower over on Picnics.
Go here.
I hope you're inspired to have a photo booth at your next party.
Or, don't bother waiting for a party.
Just hang a sheet in your back yard, get some props and go to town!
Everyone loves a photo booth.
Love from,

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