Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remembering This Moment: The Backwards Crawl

Remembering This Momentcapturing a moment in our day that I want to hold onto.  It doesn't have to be anything special, just one of the myriad of small, beautiful moments that make up our life.  I know someday the memories of these moments will fade.  This is my way of hanging onto them.  
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When James was a baby he crawled backwards.
Only in the beginning--for a few, short, sweet, and funny weeks.
At least it was those things to us.
But he got pretty frustrated after a while.
He'd get up on his hands and knees and push with his arms.
And somehow, his little body always ended up going backwards.
Farther away from that toy he was reaching for, farther away from me, and often, he'd end up stuck under the couch.
Before long he figured out the right way to do things and that little moment was gone; only a part of our memory.

But look who's crawling backwards now?
Well, more of a slide on our wood floors, but it's the same idea.

And he is so happy to be on the move.
Yesterday afternoon I laid him on the blanket next to the window to play.
When I came back into the room, he had scooted himself under the coffee table.

Watching him made me laugh.
And, I admit, made me get more than a little teary remembering another little boy who did the same thing.
It wasn't that long ago, was it?

Davy reminds me a lot of James as a baby.
I wonder if they'll be the same kind of kid?
Lilly and William are like twins.
It might be nice to have another James in the house.
Except then I'll really be talked to death!

And just the way his biggest brother did it, Davy has the same moves.
He pushes up, gets his knees up, then they slide out from under him on the wood floors, and he pushes.

He maneuvered his way around the entire living room this way.
Until he ended up under the couch.

It doesn't seem to bother him yet.
After all, he's only been doing this for a day.
His whole world just opened up!
He can move around by himself!
Who cares if it's backwards!

I'm celebrating the big moments of your 5 month old life, Baby Davy.
5 months ago you couldn't do a thing except cry and poop.
And look at you now.
The world is your oyster.
Live it up!
I'll remember this day always.
You're growing up.
Love from,


Anonymous said...

Precious moments...it seems like moments doesn't it?

natalie said...

Levi is scooting backwards too...and, yes, getting stuck under the couch! Love your fun pictures capturing this fun moment...I need to try to get a few of Levi soon, before he figures it all out and turns into a boyish blur zooming around!

Anonymous said...

This post made me tear up a little... My youngest is only 11 months, but just seeing your adorable 5 month old, lookin' all sweet, made me realize how fast my own baby is growing up!

None of mine scooted backwards...that is too cute.