Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Post on Beautifully Rooted

Hi friends!
I know I've been absent often from my blogs lately.
I just can't seem to keep up with everything (baseball is sucking me dry).
But I do have a new post up on Beautifully Rooted.

It's about food.
About what to do when your kid won't eat the food you want him to.
I don't have any special tricks for getting him to eat his green beans.
But I do suggest you love him when he doesn't.
This has been a long, hard battle for me.
Please come see what I'm learning.
You can get the full story here.

And maybe one day soon I'll have a moment to be back on these pages.
Here's hoping!
Love from,


Bethany Haid said...

Great post! Yes and yes and yes.

I think people who are good cooks take special affront when children dislike the food they prepared. Its offensive to me when my 2.5 year old won't try even a tiny bite of something that is the most delicious thing ever.

I get it! Great post.

hennymats said...

Oh I know what you mean! While big brother's always one of those who'd eat pretty much everything and is a poster boy for eating healthy, little brother is the exact opposite, and he's always been like that. One of the reasons he was nursed like forever was that he simply wouldn't eat. Oh well. These days he survives on a fairly limited diet but since it includes some veggies and fruit, I try to relax. He has plain pasta with butter three nights in a row, so what? He's not starving.

The sad thing is I know I'd be much more upset would big brother do that. I have a much harder time giving him love instead of anger and frustration if he does something I don't understand than with the little one. So I think this applies to many other areas as well - food is simply one of your soft spots, like reading. You'd get equally mad if they'd refuse to read books all of a sudden. It's important to you and you want it to be important to them, to. That's normal and as always you're so inspiring in overcoming your frustrations and work on it for the better!

In the meantime, relax. He KNOWS what good food is, you have shown him. Even if he chose to eat something else for a while, at some point he will remember. Nobody can ever take that gift you gave him away, the times he has watched and helped you cook and bake and talk about food. It's not about what is healthy, it's an appreciation of good food, good in the sense that you're prepared and/or grown it and not just opened a box. Come on, this is the boy who's always preferred brie to smores! You've got a little foodie already.

As for me, I'm just waiting this one out. Every once in a blue moon little brother adds something to the list of things he eats (most recently homemade elderberry jam and organic strawberry muesli - the kid has a sweet tooth!) and ignore the things he drops off the list (tomato sauce, anyone?).

But I do need to practice my patience when it comes to big brother working on his preschool tasks, not focussing on the task at hand and instead preferring to cause random chaos. Or taking a full 20 minutes to put on his jammies. Drives me nuts.

Love your words, as always.

Brooke said...

A beautiful, touching post as always.

Your post really hit home with me. A mere 7 months into motherhood, I have already had many occasions to call up friends with babies older than mine and apologize for how I'd judged them when I was a (clearly foolish!) childless gal!

Thank you for the reminder to not let pride get a foothold, and above all, to share the extravagant love of Christ, both with other mothers and my little baby girl.