Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Treats

I can't recall a time when I've been so happy for a rainy day.
Probably it was before kids.
Back in those days when a rainy day meant I could curl up on the couch with hot tea and a book.
And I could stay there, uninterrupted, for as long as I wanted.

Don't get me wrong, I love my babies.
But sometimes I ache for those days.
I can't figure out what I did with all my free time.
Because I had heaps and heaps and heaps of it.
I could have done so much.
Was I really just laying around on the couch all the time reading books?
I guess it's true; you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

But this weekend I got to go back and visit the old days for a bit.
We woke up to rain.
And 2 emails saying baseball games were cancelled.
I secretly rejoiced.
Because, although this baseball season is growing on me, I was so happy to have a day at home.
We all stayed in our pajamas.
I cooked bacon for breakfast.
The kids watched cartoons.
And when Aaron and Lilly went out to get the car's oil changed, I laid Davy down for a nap, told the boys they could watch another episode of Busy Town, and wondered what I'd do with myself and this unexpected treat of free time.
I decided to go ahead and make the most of it.

This, my friends, has been one of my favorite treats since girlhood.
A big bowl of stove-popped popcorn and a stack of new library books.
I can still recall, exactly, the green pot I used for popcorn and the deep blue bowl I poured it in.
I'd lay in my bed, (my mom let me eat popcorn in bed! best mom award!) bowl beside me and read away an afternoon.
It was bliss.
It still is.
Probably even more blissful for the rarity of the treat.
After a while on the couch, my eyelids couldn't stay open, so I set my book down and took a nap.
Imagine that.
Rain outside, a quiet house, an empty couch, books to read, popcorn for noshing, and a nap in my pajamas.
I cannot remember the last time I was gifted such luxuries.
Oh wait.  Yes I can.
It was when Davy was about 5 days old and Aaron took the kids for a hike so I could have a morning to sleep.
Yes , it's been a while.

I can't say how much blogging I'll get to this week.
Nights are full right now.
But you can catch a glimpse of our days over at my Photo a Day posts on Picnics in the Park.
Hope your weekend had some treats in it, too.
Love from,


hennymats said...

That is so funny, I always wonder the exact same thing - what did I do with all that time?! These days I listen to my childless young coworkers tell me about their oh so busy weekends and I just smile.

Yours sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!


Betsi* said...

Sounds like "The Napping House". ;)
What a wonderful, refreshing gift.

Everyday Lovely said...

What bliss. Sounds like you were way overdue, lady. : )