Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekend Part 3: Beach Day!

Lat Sunday when we walked out of church it was 90 degrees.
No lie.
A beach day was in order for sure.
But what to do with the girl in the cast?
Oh, just put on a long sock and she'll be just fine.
She was.

The boys brought the big shovels so they could dig a big hole.

And Aaron brought his hat and his pipe.
He doesn't smoke, but likes the way it looks.

Also, it makes a great photo prop for baby.

Davy was intrigued by the sand.

Very intrigued.
He hasn't been to the beach as a crawler yet.

So we let him give it a go.

No dice.
He stayed up on his hands and toes.
That's the move he did before he learned to crawl.
He'd just stay like that.

He stayed like that on the sand too.
And looked at us like, "come on people, pick me up.  This stuff is cold and wet."

There were lots of sea snails.
Some were big.
The boys found this one and had a conversation as they examined it.
They loved the way it protected itself with a hard piece of shell on the bottom just like the big shell that covered the rest of it.
"Just like in Pagoo!"
They have learned more about sea life and tide pool life in that book then they would have by reading a text book for a year.

I gotta say, it makes this school teacher mama happy.

There is so much joy and excitement over each discovery.

The more they learn about the world they live in, the more they enjoy it.
And I do too.
I'm learning right along with them.
I took a marine biology class in college.
I've learned more reading Pagoo than I did in that whole class.
And visiting tide pools since I've read this book, well, they are so much more alive to me now.

If you haven't checked out the Pagoo, you simply must.
It's a great read.  (good review of Pagoo here)

The weather was warm enough that the ocean beckoned.
So my crazy boys went for a swim.

I thought they were crazy.
The water was in the 50s.
It numbed my feet when I waded in.
They plunged right in and even went under.

But after a bit, they had to admit it was coooold.

The girls were smarter.
They cozied up in the bike trailer and ate snacks.
That's right.
My daughter has her hand in a bag of potato chips.

What a fabulous way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon in March.
And since Daylight Savings time starts this weekend, there are lots more beach afternoons in store.
We won't have to leave at 5.
I'm already dreaming of summer!
Happy weekending.
Love from,


hennymats said...

That looks like so much fun! One day I'm going to have to visit California, I think, and if I do it will only be for your photos.

Love the pics of Davy and the sand - my little one was the same (except the expression on his face was even more disgusted) when we put him down on our newly planted lawn the first time: "Uh, strange green carpet. Do I like this? Oh no, I do not. Someone get me off here, please. NOW!". He couldn't even really crawl yet so he couldn't even escape if he wanted to.

But I'm sure Davy will warm up to the beach!

Enjoy the weekend!

hannah singer said...

wonderful! i am not jealous. i am looking forward to our next beach day though! and while i'm dreaming, i hope it's a california beach:)

love ya. sweet photos, love that amazing pipe!

Unknown said...

Can you share what beach this is? We live in So. CA too! Thanks!

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

this looks like the perfect beach day!