Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Sunshine Series--Sand Sledding

To all of you who are stuck with grey skies, cold climes and the winter blues, you might just want to skip this post.
And the next few after it.
I'm going to be talking about the beach.
A lot of beach.

It's just that January was such a fabulous month for going to the beach.
Sunshine, temperatures between 70 and 80 and the feeling that you are cheating winter.
It's been shorts weather.
It's been great.

True, we don't have snow.
But we still go sledding.

We head to Seal Beach and slide down the berm that's up for the winter storms.
The storms that are yet to materialize.
They'll probably come sometime in April and we'll be all bitter that spring is rainy.
In the meantime, we're having a blast sand sledding.

 It's fun to sled with friends too.

 Even, or maybe especially when, you crash.

You don't have to use boogie boards just for waves.
And check out William with the ladies.
I'm gonna have to keep my eye on that boy.

What does Davy do while everyone else is sledding?
He keeps watch from atop the berm.

Pop up!
(this was early January--pre full scale crawling.  he wouldn't stay put now.  he's making my life harder.  good thing he's so darn cute.)

William wanted to slide down the berm with him.
I said "not yet," envisioning Davy with a face full of sand, but I'm pretty sure Davy would have totally been up for it.

When the sun starts sinking lower and everyone is tired from climbing the berm again and again, you head home.

And you say to yourself, "this living in Southern California thing is not half bad."
I will admit, William is longing for a trip to the snow.
But with all this warm weather, our mountains are not very snowy.
So I'm hoping for one good storm in February or March and a couple of days in a cabin in the mountains.
We can get our snow fix and then come back to the beach.
Happy winter!
Love from,


Courteous Curtis and The Parents said...

haha! We are in a blizzard warning right now :) As much as I love the sun/beach I do love me some snow ;)

hennymats said...

I am just not going to comment on this post ;)

hannah singer said...

fabulous! be right over!
love the photos, your family is the sweetest.
it was a warm 25 here today:)


Cailan said...

Yeah, I probably shouldn't have read this post. Presently snowing outside, and I'm not a fan (I do try!) Southern CA just sounds way too wonderful.

carrie said...

We were at Disneyland last week and the winter weather there was better than the summer weather we've been having here is Australia!!! We then headed to the snow for a couple of days - good thing they have such good snow making machines up at big bear :)

Love reading your blog btw :)

Lori said...

Makes me long for the beach although the nearest ocean is a good 24 hours driving time away from here! We've had nice weather to and I think a break from the same "o' is great. We will have winter again next year!
Keep up the God work.