Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Sunshine Series--A Birthday at Crystal Cove

I am exactly 1 month behind on this blog.
It bugs me.
But, life goes on.
And sometimes it feels like a whole lot of life is going on.
I don't have a lot of free time for hobbies--unless I sacrifice all my sleep.
That turns out badly the next day.
For everyone.
Maybe I'll schedule myself a little blogging weekend one of these days--send the big kids off with Aaron and hole up here with David, for a long weekend of writing.
It sounds fun.
And so relaxing.
Hint, hint, husband.
Anyway, back to the sunshine, the beach and catch-up posts.
This one's about my mom's birthday.

My mom shares her birthday with both of her sons.
For reals.
Both boys born 10 years apart to the day.
On her birthday.
It's just so weird.
She's had years and years of celebrating her day with her boys, so when I can swing it, I like to get together and remember her on her day.
This year we were able to meet her and my dad at Crystal Cove and celebrate on a beautiful day in the middle of winter.

It was their first time at Crystal Cove.
It was so fun to show them around one of our favorite places on earth.

I love almost all the cottages, but this one has my favorite name.
I kind of want to live in a house named the

Isn't my girl getting big?

The boys took Dziadzi off to explore the tide pools.
This picture makes my heart very full.

This one does too.
I used to love walking on my dad's feet like this.
I even remember the big, brown shoes he always wore.
Lilly wanted Dziadzi to walk across the beach like this.

My dad probably would have done it.
She's got the men in her life pretty well wrapped around her finger.
Except for her brothers.
They spend enough time with her to not be so...misled by her cuteness.
But this guy has it bad.
Lilly loves her daddy.

While everyone else was out walking the beach, my mom and I sat up our chairs and an umbrella and soaked up some sun.
Mom held her Davy boy a lot.
I think he liked it.

I love how much she loves him.
She's such a good Granny.

And she's such a good Mom.
I'm so glad to have her.

We all are.
Of course a day at Crystal Cove must include beach side dining.
Lunch at The Beach Comber never disappoints.
It was a really great day.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
We love you.
Love from,
Greta (and the fam)


Terrie said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day for all of you! Happy Belated Birthday Auntie Lillian. I love you!

hennymats said...

That looks like a wonderful day! You have such a talent to make memories and record them. Who cares if it's a month late? The memory won't be any less :)


hannah singer said...

happy birthday! a sweet granny indeed.
love these peeks into your joy.
and the beach. ha.

much love, friend xo