Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Hair!

I am just going to trust that you have seen O Brother Where Art Thou?
(and if you haven't, get thee to a library and rent it for 50 cents.  Now!)
Remember George Clooney's character, Everett, and how obsessed he is with his hair?  
When wakened from a sound sleep, he puts his hands to his hair and utters that great line, "my hair!"  (at the very end of the above linked video)
I feel a bit like Everett right now.

You'll remember not too long ago I was complaining because my hair was falling out.
By the handful.
It was starting to get frightening.
I always loose hair after my babies, but this was by far the worst of them all.
And I had real life bald spots on my head.
Anyone who said, "let me see," with plans to say something nice to make me feel better, would get a look and say, "wow.  That is a lot of hair."

But now, o happy day, callooh! callay! my hair is growing back.
Except it is growing back in and STICKING STRAIGHT UP!
It kind of looks like this little man's hair.
Aaron calls it chimp hair: those thin, wispy hairs that stick straight up.
Not super attractive.

All along my hair line, there it is, standing at attention.
So much of it in fact, that there are places where the rest of my hair can't even lie down flat because there are so many short hairs standing up.
It's in the back too, along the top, anywhere and everywhere.
I can't win.

Perhaps if I got a little bit of Everett's pomade, it might help.
He's a Dapper Dan man.

Or maybe I'll just wait it out and try not to care very much in the meantime.
This having babies, man it does a number on you, doesn't it?
My hair!
Love from,


Naomi said...

You and me both! Except mine are coming in gray on top of it all! Good thing our guys love us so much, otherwise we might get caught up worrying about how we look! Love u, we'll be normal again soon :)

Jenni Bailey said...

Oh, I am SO there with you! Mine fell out after both of my girls were born and now I'm almost past the sticking-up phase of regrowing from the youngest. It's a mess. But you can get through it! Good luck! Stay strong. :)

Denise said...

Paul has some Dapper Dan-style pomade made by swing dance friends who purchased a vintage pomade recipe and make it themselves. All natural ingredients, and makes your hair so waxy its shampoo proof. Style once, good for a whole week!

hennymats said...

Yep, had that sticking up hair too after little brother. Right where my hair parts above my face. Lovely.

Give it a month or so and it will look like really cute bangs or the perfect layered cut :)

Lisa said...

Look at the thighs on that boy!!! Yummy little chubs

You'd look beautiful totally bald Greta!