Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Pink Casts and Sick Babies

I've been MIA again.
With pretty good cause.
The past week was a blur of very late nights, and busy, busy days.
One day, for example, I took the kids to swimming, then Lilly to the dr., then Lilly (and all the kids because they are always with me) to the hospital for an x-ray because her foot wasn't healing, then the dr. called back to say her foot was indeed broken and she'd have to get a cast tomorrow, then the grocery store (normally I would not add that into the mix but we were out of coffee and that constituted an emergency) then William's baseball practice and then James' baseball practice.  
Through the day, Davy started coughing and by dinner time I could tell his simple cold had morphed into something much worse and he'd be wheezing soon.
Aaron came home with a sore throat and ears that ached.
And I stayed up until 3 holding a very sick, wheezy, feverish baby boy.
The next day, Lilly got a pink cast.

For the first half hour or so, she had a hard time walking.
Her cast slid on our wood floors like an ice skate.
But in no time at all, she said she was going to play outside and was back at it.
Swinging, running, riding her bike.

You just can't slow Lilly down.
She was even giving her brother rides on her trike.

Lilly is such an independent, determined little girl.
Sometimes those qualities make it so hard to parent her.
So hard.
But most of the time, I am so proud of her strong little mind, body and heart.

That same day I took Davy to the dr.
He tested negative for RSV, but had some other respiratory virus.
He was just so sick.
That night I was up with him until 4.
Even as a newborn, he never had to be held in order to sleep.
But I couldn't put him down.
Besides, I was so worried about his breathing that I didn't want to put him down.
Thankfully my parents came up that day and I got to take a solid nap.
And that night Davy finally settled down around 2.
An early night.
Needless to say, blogging, no matter how hard I tried, wasn't happening.
Pretty much nothing was happening except baby holding.
And during the day, it was all  I could do to teach school and perhaps do some dishes.

I think we made it through the worst of it with Davy.  
He only woke up twice last night and didn't need a middle of the night breathing treatment.
Lilly is finally sleeping well with her cast.
Nights were the only time that she slowed down enough to acknowledge that her foot hurt.
And last night I found a moment to get a small bit of writing done.
Today we have a Valentines party to get ready for.
We're so excited.
And please check back tomorrow because I have some exciting news to share (not pregnant).
It's already done, so I am not making empty promises.
See you tomorrow!
Love from,


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Oh my. Poor you guys. Get better soon all...I've got three too and MAN, one one goes, they ALL go! Anyway, I feel your pain!

Laura said...

sorry to hear about the cast & sickness, but glad that everyone is doing better!

hennymats said...

Oh my goodness! Hope you all get well soon and get some much needed sleep!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I'm sorry for the cast and virus news. Lilly's pink cast is so perfect for her. I hope Davy is feeling better and that you get a few straight hours of sleep soon. Praying for you to find rest, friend.

hannah singer said...

praying for your sweet household.
but seriously, the cast is cute:)