Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Still Falling Out

I'm starting to freak out.
My hair is still falling out.
In clumps.
I always loose a lot of hair after I have a baby.
Bu I have never lost this much.
I have bald spots, people.
When your husband says, "if you want to use one of those special shampoos or something, it's ok", you know it's getting bad.
When you show someone your deeply receding hair line and they say, "oh my gosh!" instead of, "it's not that bad," you know it's getting bad.
Not this bad.

Yet.  (ps. totally weird ad, right?)
But I don't want it to because then I might have to go this route.
And that would be really bad.

I have never had thick hair.
I used to think it was thin, but my stylists have since informed me that it is not thin, it's fine.
But I have a lot of it.
Well, I used to have a lot of it.
I could probably even get my hair as big as this gal.

But I'd be happy for it to be as thick and full as chick?
Uh, don't really get this ad.
But I do remember using this shampoo.
I remember the name and the bottle.
I was such a sucker for ads when I was a kid.
Remember the ad with the girl bouncing on the trampoline?
I always wanted that shampoo because I wanted my hair to be bouncy.

Right now I'll just settle for anything that will keep my hair in my head and my head out of a wig.
Although I do wonder what I'd look like with a beehive.

The fun of pregnancy goes on and on, doesn't it?
So tell me, have any of you dealt with this?
And remember, I've lost normal amounts of hair after every baby, but this is getting serious.
I need help.
I need advice.
Fire away.

Love from,


annieglan said...

This made me laugh so hard.

Natalie C. said...

All I can say is from experience. Although I have heard increasing your sulfur intake helps alot. Eggs are high in good natural sulfur. You could google that I guess. From my own experience, however, I found when I was juicing after my 4th (i have 5 now) and eating lots of greens even my EYELASHES grew! Not kidding! My hubby noticed. Surely couldn't hurt to get lots of greens in right?

Pam... said...

I say go with the beehive and call it good. You could raise honey.

Lol! Oops. Not funny at all. Very serious. Well, I have no answers or experience with hair loss except due to postpartum, and when my thyroid totally acts up. Hair vitamins? More protein in your diet? Juicing is a great thought. Natalie is a lovely name and a wise sage. Let us know.

Seriously. Work the beehive, Greta. You will bring it back if anyone can. It's so you.

simply brookes: said...

let me know when you find out. i have been noticed a HUMUNGO amount of hair i lose daily. even talked to the doc about it. she said the are that age. what age? menopause? really. she informed me i could be "pre" meno for up to 10 years. i'll pretty much be bald by next week. great. already informed mr. man that i'm not doing wigs. scarves and a short do for me, honey.
it's not funny.
i, too, am freaking out. let me know what you find out.

Swenja said...

Yep, would agree that this might have to do something with that diet of yours lately? I mean, add nursing, lack of sleep (not that we don't love reading the posts you write at 2am in the morning...), four kids to take care of - and you have one mommy that maybe needs to take some care of herself, too :) Been there. It's hard. But you can do it :)

katie said...

I've lost a lot of hair due to my lupus med. I'd go get a check up with your doctor. There are also some shampoos that help.

Langmaven said...

Go short- as in short hair. Short hair works well with kids, it lifts and frames the aging face (mine, not yours- but eventually all of ours really...once we've left high school behind). Short hair is fun, fashionable, and contemporary (I can see you with some spikes- and attitude!); it takes no time, very little product (even less shampoo and almost no conditioner), and it doesn't clog the drain, etc. For this mom of six, I may never go back. But you can always grow it back- its just hair. Our culture (especially the female sector) is way too tress-obsessed, a product of all those ads aimed at us.

lauren said...

oh man--- i had serious bald spots on my forehead that an actual place? you know it's bad when you look in the mirror and it's not that big of a leap to imagine yours;f bald. i got thick bangs. worked awesome!!! bald spots magically invisible and it hid them while my freaky little bald corners grew back in. love the bangs. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I thought you were gonna end with a computer generated pic of you in a beehive!!

Having the same prob and dry scalp (dandruff).


Terrie said...

Try apple cider vinegar, it is best to use raw, unfiltered,like Braggs. It cures everything! said...

After I had my fourth child I lost so much hair I really seriously thought I was going to go bald. I have always lost hair after having a baby but this was unlike anything I had ever delt with. It was so bad around my hair line all the way around my head I had lost between 1/4 to 1/2 inch back. Like my hair line was receiding. I waited and waited for it to pass and it just kept falling out. I told the Lord that I didnt want to go bald and that a woman's hair is her glory (1Cor 11:15). But I purposed in my heart that if it was the Lords will for me to go bald then I would accept it. I was so upset probably more distraught really. I had no idea what to do. I went to my friends one morning at Bible study upset and sobbing and told them what was going on. They all prayed for me right then and there (James 5:16) and you know what, the Lord came by for me in a mighty way. My hair stopped falling out in a few days and it started coming back in. I think it took about a year to get it back to something resembling normal. I had a lot of short hairs everywhere. So much in fact I had to cut bangs so it wouldn't look so bad. My suggestion would be to go to the Lord in prayer. He knows your heart and the desires of it. He cares more about the hair on your head than you do. He even knows how many there are (Matthew 10:30) even when they fall out my the handfuls. Cry out to Him and He will hear you (Psalms 40:1). Have Faith in know that He will come by for you. The Lord is no respecter of persons what He does for one He will do for another (Romans 2:11). I will definately uphold you in prayer. I can't wait to hear your Praise report.

hannah singer said...

pretty sure i woke the neighbors AND my child laughing at these ads. mercy.

my thyroid doesn't function. at all. a major symptom of that is hair loss. a side effect of the synthetic thyroid hormone i take? hair loss.
lose. lose.
i have no answers. i have super crazy thick hair, so my now thin(ner) hair looks tame, although uneven. i am mildly self conscious, but have no desire to "fix" it. remedies i hear of scare me;)

maybe certain vitamins help?

love you, and you are beautiful. i mean, for real, your lovely face and that SMILE are crazy cute. who can even notice your hair?


Cassie said...

I first started to lose my hair after I gave birth to my son and it didn't stop. My stylist was the one who informed me of my bald spot. Recently I was diagnosed with Cutaneous Lupus. I'm not saying that's what you have. I'm saying that it is worth it to see a dermatologist. Just so you have a clear understanding of what's going on. You can read about my experience here:

Feel free to contact me if you need to talk about anything!