Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be a Voice

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday.
Did you know?
It's been 39 years since Roe vs. Wade passed and abortion was legalized in America.
For some, this anniversary that calls for celebration--freedom for women.
But since that ruling, an estimated 52 million abortions have been performed.
That is 52 million babies whose heartbeats have been stopped.
52 million babies whose legs stopped kicking and arms stopped moving.
52 million babies who stopped sucking their thumbs.
52 million lives ended.
It is a tragedy.

The tiny, helpless, unborn baby is always heavy on my heart, but this time of year more so than ever.
It was 2 years ago this month that I learned I was pregnant and 10 weeks later, learned we had lost our baby.
That little life was so celebrated.
And so mourned.

That is the way each of us should feel about each little life lost to abortion.
We should not judge the women, doctors or nurses who take part in abortions.
Rather, we should spend our energy being a voice for those who have no voice.
It isn't easy.
No one wants to talk about it.
It's uncomfortable, unpopular, unpleasant.
You may offend someone, lose friends, or make enemies.
But there are times when each of us are called to take a stand for right and wrong.
It's a matter of life and death!

I found this, written by R. C. Sproul Jr., and it offers something to think about.
He is speaking to pastors, but we can apply his words to ourselves, whether we are pastors or not.
Will you dare to speak up when society tells you not to?

"To be silent is to be complicit. It is to tell our children and grandchildren that we are as guilty as those Germans who knew, and were silent. Of course our pews are filled with the guilty. The same is true of every sin we preach against. Of course the grace of God in Christ trumps even this great evil.
But the same Jesus who died for our sins calls on us to suffer the children to come unto Him. When we are silent, when we treat abortion as a mere social problem, a mere political issue, we expose our complicity. So preach faithfully. Proclaim not the sanctity of life, but the holiness of God, whose image the least of these bear. Call for repentance from the pulpit God placed under your care. Preach the same good news that He preached, that the captive are to be set free, that those marching toward death are to be rescued. Preach, and take the heat. For Jesus says such will make you blessed. Walk by faith, and preach by faith, in season and out of season."

This week, lots of people on the web spoke up against injustice and freedom.
Everyone was talking about SOPA .
Big Internet companies, blogs and Facebook posts abounded, "sign this petition!"
"Let your voice be heard!"
"Tell Congress they can't take away our freedoms!"
As I read these, I wondered if there would be any posts today.
Would there be Facebook posts saying, "remember the unborn!"
Would Google go black for 52 million lives lost?
I didn't think so.
But you can remind people.
Share this post.
Do a Google image search on sanctity of life and post a picture on your facebook page.
Write your own blog post.
Take a moment to mourn for those whose lives have been lost.
Be a voice for the voiceless.
Love from,

And if you disagree with me, or don't know where you stand in all this, please take a moment to watch this, and see what being pro life really means.


Anonymous said...

You echoed what has been heavy on my heart since I was 19 years old.
This seems to be such a discarded subject to so many Christians and I can't understand why we aren't all moved, horrified and saddened. And pressed in our hearts to do something tangible to help.

Thank you, my friend.

Bethany Haid said...

Thanks for the call to action, Greta. I responded and linked to you.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I grieve for those 52 million babies who were silenced. Thank you for speaking up with boldness.

Mommy Tam-Tam said...

Thank you for this post Greta. I just read this today and I know it is a week later, but it still rings true today.


hannah singer said...

not sure how i missed this post. but thank you.
love sproul's words. love yours, too.
that sunday was two days before the fifth anniversary of my first ectopic pregnancy. extra sensitive this year. i was sick, stayed home from church. listened to a sermon online. my dad's. i could hear little ones making all sorts of noises in the background. loved that.
it's a terrible thing, the blood on our nation especially. thank you for the call to use our voices! xo