Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Past: The Annual Santa Photo

Here's what happens when you don't blog for almost a month: you must go back in time.
Especially when the month you missed is made up of valuable family memories, such as trips to see Santa and the entire family taking part in a Christmas play.
These memories must be preserved.
(this is also why scrapbooking never worked for me.  being 1 month behind isn't bad.  but with scrapbooking I was always at least 1 year behind.  it was too overwhelming.  so I started a blog instead.)
So bear with me and enjoy a mid January trip back into December.
I give you: Christmas Past--2011
Our annual trip to see Santa saw some changes this year.
We still went to The Grove.
Where we walked around and took in the sights: the giant tree, the snow flakes overhead and Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky.

Just like last year, Lilly wore a Christmas dress that was a touch too short. (when you've got a perfectly good hand-me-down, why buy a new one?)
And she wore pink shoes again.  They were sparkly this time.
But with her new hair cut she looks so much older.

We breakfasted upon donuts at Bob's.
James claimed it was hard for him to fully enjoy his donut when there were so many other good smelling and looking foods around.
I think I need to take that boy on a date to the Farmer's Market and let him choose lunch.
But for the day of the Santa Photo, it has to be Bob's.

We didn't ride the trolley this year, but took a moment to climb on the old car at the gas station next to the toy store.
And then we spent a long time inside the toy store where some of us pointed to every single thing and said, "and I want that for my birthday." (lilly)

There was one big change this year, though.
The kids said they could sit with Santa all by themselves.
It was the first year we didn't do a whole family photo with the big guy.
The kids handled it just fine.
Especially David.
Apparently he loved sitting on Santa's lap.

Don't you just love the expression on his face?
"Hey guys!  What's with all the babies crying about Santa?  This is cake!"
I need to scan in James' first Santa picture.
Pure terror.
It's hysterical.
As you can see from this picture, he's still not that into Santa.

In the end, I couldn't let the old tradition die and Aaron and I jumped in one of the pictures.
The girl behind the camera was very nice and told me they "do lots of those photos."
I'm sure she was lying to make me feel less dorky.
It was nice of her, but I would have done it anyway.
Who knows how much longer we'll do family photos with Santa?
I've got to get them while I can!

I do love a good family tradition.
Even if it involves driving to LA to sit on the lap of a guy we don't believe in and then loading the kids up with sugary, fried treats.
Christmas only comes once a year.
I say, live it up!
Love from,


lauren said...

i did the exact same thing-- scrap booking became the guilty corner of my mother heart.. the not ever doing it part. so i started a blog. it's possible i am catching up my last two fall posts right now. :) but years from now who will remember order of the seasons?? i'll be too enamored with those sweet little faces. :)

hannah singer said...

yes. i love this.
you always remind me why blogging is one of the greatest gifts. also i love all the sweet photos!

love to you, greta!