Friday, August 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time When We Were Oompa Loopmpas

I am so glad today is Friday.
This week feels like it's lasted a life time.
Lilly laid herself down for a nap on Sunday afternoon.
I hoped it was because she was exhausted from spending an entire day at the beach on Saturday.
But I knew that wasn't it.
Sure enough, she woke with a fever.
It was high and lasted 3 days.
There has been lots of restlessness and waking up.
We're talking some serious sleep deprivation going on.
In fact, she is asleep in our bed, sideways, right now.
We have a double bed, people. 
That doesn't leave a lot of room for anyone else.
And the crankiness. Oh mama!
I know she feels terrible, but....I am a little spent. 
I admit it.

To make matters worse, I tried a few drops of half in half in my coffee on Sunday.
I am SO VERY SICK of the taste of non-dairy creamer.
The result was knowing unequivocally that dairy upsets Davy's stomach in a bad, bad way.
His bowels are all messed up.
Yesterday he exploded with poop all over himself and me.
So, we had a week of cranky, sad baby to add to the sick 3 year old.
My poor boys have been stuck at home a lot.
Praise God for the playhouse and the blow up pool.

All this is to say that I have not been doing much around here.
I am working with limited sleep and therefore limited brain capacity.
So I give you yet another post that is, content light and picture heavy.
Sometimes that is all I've got to give.

We're still at the fair.
Fun house mirrors.
Don't you love them?

William was especially enthralled.
He could of stayed in front of them for hours.
Can you get one of these things for home use?

I mean, wouldn't it be a blast to install one in their play house?

It was a good 15 minutes spent laughing at ourselves.
It was fun.

And, I guess I should stop complaining about the starvation diet.
Because I could be sporting the Oompa Loompa look.
And frankly, it isn't that attractive on me.

Next up: pig races.
Because I aim to bring you high quality content, every single time.

Happy weekend!
Love from,


katie said...

Praying that this weekend brings some much needed rest your way.

Alima said...

aww, sick babies are no fun :(
I hope everyone is better and getting more sleep soon!
Just a few suggestions for dairy alternatives....My son and husband are both sensitive so I use coconut milk as a sub in almost everything. It makes delicious smoothies, works in baked goods, etc, etc. For most things I just buy the canned coconut milk in the asian food section of the grocery store. For my coffee I love the "So Delicious" brand coconut milk creamer. It is so good and I can not tell the difference between it and half and half. Its sold in the refridgerated section, but I can only get it at Whole Foods around here. Hope that helps!! :)