Monday, August 22, 2011

Pig Races and the More Fair Fun

It's the last of the fair photos.
And again, it's about all I could manage, post wise.
I was falling asleep as I downloaded pictures last night.
Not the best state of mind for a thoughtful post.
But tomorrow--i hope--will be a good one.  
I've been working on it since Friday.

Anyway, this year was a really great year for the fair.
We had the ultimate fair experience: we ate about 5 pounds of french fries, saw a crash up derby and went to the PIG RACES.
And yes, we love the fair more every year, but when you see us sporting overalls and eating deep fried butter, you'll know we've gone over the fair edge.
And you might have to do an intervention.
I have no intention of becoming a carni.
Although, can you imagine the blog I could write about that?

And who knew pig races could be so much fun?

We all cheered on our pig as they raced around the track.

The very best part of the race was when the pigs jumped the hurdle (what do you call that thing?).
I never knew pigs could jump like that.
Pretty funny.

And after the race was over, they brought out the winning pig to cruise the track and pose for pictures.
When his handler wasn't looking, that pig jumped right over the fence and took off into the fair!
Every started yelling,"the pig escaped!  The pig's loose! Catch the pig!"
It reminded me of that scene in Charlotte's Web where Wilbur escapes from the barn and all the other animals are shouting instructions to him.
"Run to the orchard!  Twist and turn!  Jump about! Dart and dash!"
Eventually he is so frazzled and tired he just returns back to his pen and a bowl of slops.
That's just what this pig did.
He ran around for a bit, being chased by a small mob, and then made a circuitous route back to the race track and his spot in the trailer.
It was all very exciting.
These are the rest of our 2011 fair photos.
Just a random assortment of good times.

Why do the kids like these so much?  They can''t even see themselves in them.
But we have to stop every time.

Lilly had to ride a pony.
Although she doesn't look it, she loved it.
The boys have never asked to ride a pony.
Is it a girl thing?

Besides the sky ride, they each picked out 2 other rides.
And they all wanted to ride together.
That took some negotiating since they all had different rides they wanted to go on... together.
In the end it was the pirate ship,

and the bouncy cars.

And this might be my favorite picture of the day.
As we walked around the fair, James and William liked to stay right next to their little brother.
(taking up as much room as possible as we cruised the crowded aisles)
William even held Davy's hand.

And doesn't Davy look happy as can be?
He has that sweet little hint of a grin on his face.
Only 2 months old and already in love with his big brothers.

Another year at the fair and we are already looking forward to next year.
In fact, I am thinking of heading up to the LA County Fair next month.
I've never been, but I'm sure they have photo booths, so it would be worth the trip.
Besides, I didn't get to try the deep fried Kool Aid.

Love from,


Lisa said...

well I usually sport over-alls but no pig racing yet.(still contemplating chickens--to raise not race). Looks like a good time had by all, especially the tiny his expression!!

mygirl said...

the pony rides: avery decided that this year she was to old for the pony rides. i thought,
no problem i will put garebear on it except he wasn't gonna have it. so, no pony rides for my kiddos for the first time in 6 years. kinda made me a little sad.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Ponies, pigs and pirate ships all look like lots of fun!

Betsi* said...

Looks like you got to go home with the best sites at the fair! Love your darling kiddos!

jdzjane said...

Cute Pics. All of your children are adorable - I'm a sucker for boys, but I must say your daughter is beautiful. You probably hear that a lot though.

Swenja said...

So cute! Davy's smile is priceless, bet he knows what a lucky boy he is.

Aaron Eskridge said...

Those pictures of William and Davy are so great. That little guy really does look happy to be holding his big brother's hand.

I Love you,

Terrie said...

I love your fair pictures! I hope you go to the LA County Fair, I cant wait to see pictures, I love that fair, it is huge! I went alot as a kid, it was fun.