Friday, July 16, 2010

Keeping Cool at the Peninsula

One of the very, very, very best parts of summer around here is our own special beach.  
It's a place called the Peninsula.  
On one side of the Peninsula is the ocean, waves tamed by the breakwater, but waves none the less.
On the other side is the bay.  Calm, quiet water, a wide stretch of sand and often times, practically no one is there.  It is kind of magical.
Every time I spend a morning, an afternoon, an evening there, I am always so grateful for where I live.We used to live within walking or bike riding distance, now it's a 15 minuted drive.  But I'm not complaining. 
This place is an essential part of my childrens' childhood.  So many memories have been made there.
Lilly was 2 weeks old the first time she came to the Peninsula.  It is the perfect place for a Momma who has to watch 3 little ones at the same time.  The water gets deep quick, but at least the waves aren't crashing and pulling at little bodies.  And I have little ones that like to run in the waves.  The Peninsula provides a less stressful beach experience.

And when the weather turns blazing hot, a it has this week, the Peninsula is our salvation.  Twice this week we stayed there till dark.  Heat makes me cranky.  Actually, it makes me downright beastly.  So I sunscreen them, pack boogie boards and loads of snacks and we head out.  As soon as we get to the sand, my crankies melt away.

It is a little slice of heaven.  

The other best part about the Peninsula?  We can always count on seeing our friends.
James and his best friend, Noah.

Lilly just walks around being beautiful.


William got this bracelet at VBS this week.  He won't take it off.  Even in the water.

James and Noah head out for the buoy.

They eventually got it turned in the right direction.
This is the first summer James has paddled to the buoy by himself.  It is a good distance, in deep water and he is justifiably proud of himself.  
He wants to swim it it now, but I am making him wait to do that with Daddy.  At least for the first time.

William waits for his turn with the board.

He loves paddling around out there.

Uncle Greg took him to the buoy, too.  And boy did that make William happy.  Doesn't his grin melt your heart?

James practiced his standing too.  It's harder to balance on a short board.

She's scrumptious.

Aside from the water, there's lots to do.  Ian is flying his kite.

And one of the neighbors even put out his tether ball for the kids to use.
See how James is trying to tell everyone how to play?
He is is mother's son.

We left at sunset.  We did the same the night before and it ended perfectly.
This time, not as much.  There was some crying.  Some sand throwing and some unhappy souls.  
It's been a long, hot week.
But when I drive home, enjoying this view, all is right with the world. 
(I climbed on top of my minivan to get this picture.  It was kind of fun.)

Happy, happy summer days.
What are some of your favorite summer memories?  Either the ones you are making now, or ones from the past.
Hope you can keep cool this weekend.  I have some cool tips over at Picnics in the Park.  Go  see.

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katie said...

How cool was that neighbor?!

Summers Family said...

What fun! Oh my, yes, Lilly is gorgeous. We need to hit the beach again, it's been a few months for us. The sky picture was definitely worth the climb on the car - very pretty.

Hope you guys have a good weekend.