Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lilly Turns 2

We all enjoyed Lilly's day.
She did especially.
Is there any better feeling than seeing your child smile?

First: presents!

The boys were as excited about Lilly's gifts as she was.  Maybe more.
They helped pick them out so they were really invested.  This tent was from Mommy and Daddy.
(FYI--this tent is from IKEA and it STINKS!  I couldn't tell cause it was hanging from the ceiling.  the boys were sure Lilly would love it cause it had ladybugs all over it.  It didn't come with ladybugs.  The design is just terrible and we are retuning it for the blue icicle tent which we have used and is a good one.  Cause Lilly loved having a tent, but it would be nice to have one that stays up.)

William insisted on picking out these doggy sippy cups for Lilly.  I resisted.  She doesn't even use a sippy cup.  He knew she'd love them.  

He was right.  They might have been her favorite present.

She also like the stuffed dog her brothers gave her.
Next: cake!
I almost forgot to put 2 candles on it.  James had to remind me.  My baby is 2????

She was soooo excited it was finally her turn.  
Cake and candles for me?

And she knew just what to do.
Says James, "it's because she watches her Bubbas.  We teach her everything."

And then, eating it.  Ahhhhh.
When I asked her if she was having fun on her birthday she said,
"yes.  I get cake."
Last: Disneyland!
And she had a blast.

We rode some of her favorites: the ladybugs at California Adventure and the train at Disneyland.
The only part she didn't like: when Mommy held her.  Guess who she wants here?
"I want Daddy."  Her mantra these days.
Nana called to wish her Happy Birthday.

The night ended with fireworks.  They were pretty spectacular.
And Lilly was impressed.  She spent most of the show with wide eyes, yelling "wow!" or with a big grin on her face.
She loved it.

A fitting end to one of the best days of our life.
June 30th.
Happy Birthday, little big girl.  We love you so much.


Lillian said...

I have tears in my precious....time goes by soooo fast. I know that you treasure every day...or at least try to!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

happy birthday to you cutie! i love all the these photos. i can feel the magic of the day come through them.

oh, and your sweet! they remind me of my henry. i think our little girls are so lucky to have big brothers!!

megan b. said...

Greta! How lovely it's been to read your blog after you linked to mine, Shelterrific. And what a small world it is -- I noticed you are from Long Beach, and then in turn recognized you from my days as the demo lady at the Trader Joe's on PCH & 2nd! Love your blog and I look forward to keeping up with your shenanigans! Oh- and Happy birthday to your little lady!
-- Megan B.

Betsi* said...

Oh so sweet! I love your kiddos! I love how much joy they find in eachother's happiness. It's precious.
Happy birthday, Lilly!