Monday, July 5, 2010

Lots of Things

It has been a celebration heavy weekend.
We had a little birthday party for Lil on Saturday.  It almost didn't happen.  But I pulled it together in more ways than one and it turned out to be just right.
And yesterday we celebrated our first 4th in our neighborhood.  Again, just right.
I could not have asked for more, especially since I have been having a string of pretty crappy days as of late.  There were so many joyful moments this weekend that there wasn't much time to give into the sad.

There is a lot to blog about.

And I hope to get to it.  But we're leaving for 4 days of beach camping on Thursday.  And tomorrow night Aaron and I get a date night.  And tonight I'll be driving home from Fallbrook.'s hoping I can muster up some late night wakefulness and catch up.
Do check back in.
Happy summertime friends--it's July!
Love from,

PS.  Made some delish cupcakes this weekend.  Check them out here.

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