Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Biology Week Lesson 3: Art and Science Collide

Biology Week continues! Thanks for tuning in. I hope you are enjoying it.

As I said before, we are doing a lot of human body posters right now. We bought one of those giant rolls of butcher paper when James turned 2. We're still using it. Mostly for human body posters.
Remember these ones? We've come a ways, I think.

We did these posters last week.
This one is William's. He gave himself Blue Whale teeth. Yes, on purpose. He thought it would look cool if he had Blue Whale teeth.

And actually, I think Blue Whale teeth would be perfect fit for William, my child who does not like to eat. If he could just live his life, and never have to stop for a meal because the food just floated right through those big baleens in the course of normal activities, he'd be delighted. After all, he did tell me, "Mommy, eating just isn't fun for me."
That I should have that problem.

Here's James' poster. He was big into the digestive system last week. He wanted to know the path of food from one end to the other. He quickly draws the brain, heart and lungs. (a giant heart this time) Some veins in a nod to the circulatory system.

the good stuff.
There is food going down the esophagus (right?) to the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and then.....
Nice, isn't it? He's sitting on the toilet and something is coming out.

But unlike typical boy fashion, James wasn't trying to make some attempt at poop humor. He was just drawing the digestive system. He's been drawing it daily until he's got the look and placement of things memorized. Now he wants to figure out the organs which are vital to the digestive system.
Once again, it's just science to that boy.

William, however, had a field day with the poop drawings. It was such a great excuse to talk about poop when we weren't in the bathroom. If you look at his drawing, you'll see red lines all over it. Those aren't veins. It's poop.
And he'll be sure to tell you so.

Ahh, bathroom humor, it never gets old, does it. Just ask my brother.

We're moving on, though.
The other day James did this poster with a new emphasis.
And he's making me learn the names.
I should have paid better attention in Biology.
Then it would be easier this second time around.

Happy Thursday to you, friends.
Love from Greta


Lillian said...

Boys....they are really something....something to make us laugh...make us love them...fill in the blanks!

katie said...

I want to go to school at your house. Fun!!!

Betsi said...

Benny became obsessed with anatomy at about three. He started drawing the human body around that age and, since he had already learned to read and write, would suprise me with special "presents", drawings of the different body systems, labeled for my learning benefit. For his fifth birthday party he wanted a Human Body theme, complete with anatomy map cake (I'll have some more spleen, thank you) and decorations. For the party game he thought it would be fun if he had large body diagram posters and a pointer and could teach the other children about the human body. I really wish I would have let him have that party now.