Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hittin the Books

I promise every post won't be about school now, but I just couldn't resist sharing these photos.

So here we are "doing school". What's that you say? That classroom looks like the kitchen floor? Well that's because it is, friend. We need room to spread out and create.
To practice cutting. To practice gluing. To practice writing Big A and little a.
To draw a life size (5 year old boy size actually) picture of the human body.
James has loved studying the human body for a while now. After he drew the heart and lungs (in the right place with no help from me) the brain and those beautiful teeth, he got out a book for further study. This was the final product.
William said, "Wow, James. Is that a monsta?"
"No," said James. "He just has really big teeth. I didn't draw his gums."
Aren't you glad God didn't forget our gums?

After we grew weary of our academic pursuits, we had a dance party.
In our underwear, of course.

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Lillian said...

What amazing children....that is a completely unbiased opinion of course from their granny Wujek