Saturday, May 8, 2010

Biology Week Lesson 4: Lilly's Failing Biology

My friend Danielle has a little boy with 2 older sisters. The other day he was wearing a mermaid princess sticker. And I am sure he will at some point in his young life, if it hasn't happened already, be the recipient of a makeover, and a mani-pedi.
He's only 1, so I am sure he has no opinions on these matters. In fact, he probably just wants to be with his big sisters. So he might play ponies, or Barbies or tea party, because that is what they do at his house.

Lilly lives at the opposite end of that spectrum. Her days are filled with Thomas the Tank Engine, Legos and light saber battles. She hums the music of Star Wars and knows Darth Vader's song. She has a few dolls, but as of yet, isn't all that interested in them. However, she is very happy to push tractors all over the dirt pile.

Her biggest beef though, with being a girl with 2 older brothers, can be found in the biology department.
She doesn't have the right equipment.

She can wear their undies, but when one of them says, "I have to go pee," and she says, me too!", it never works out for her.
She'll stand next to them at the toilet and say, "I go pee pee too."
I tell her to put the lid down.
I tell her to sit.
She won't have anything to do with it.

At first, potty training this girl was a breeze. But then she noticed they get to stand.
And she is pretty mad about it.

I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually. At least I hope so.
Because right now, she's failing Biology.

Thanks for tuning in to Biology week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
There are so many stories and moments that make each day I spend with these babies so fun and funny and precious. Writing them down here, to save them before they are replaced with the next funny story, is something I never grow tired of.
Maybe you'll take a minute to jot down that sweet thing your baby said this morning--you won't regret it. But you will forget it.
Love from,

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katie said...

She's die of laughter at this one in her future. So cute.