Monday, April 26, 2010

Poppy Dreams-Part 1

Oceans of poppies! We got up early yesterday and drove to the Antelope Valley to see the poppies. But before we got there, we had to stop for some eats.
We found this place.
Katz and Jammers Cafe in Lancaster.
Red vinyl booths, checker floor, gumballs. It was a good find.
The kids thought so, too.
Fun for them = sharing their own table and juice to drink.
little jams
and stools that spin.
I think the people of Lancaster thought it was a little weird that they were still in their jammies. I guess us city folk are different.
Aaron made himself at home in all that dinery goodness.
But my favorite part was George's Cleaners, just across the street.
I mean, look at those mid century lines, stacked flagstone and color palette. I would live here. The building I mean, not necessarily Lancaster. (no offense Lancaster)
We dressed the kids on the side of the road and then they waited for Mommy to stop taking pictures of George's so we could go see the poppies.
Do you love to stop in out of the way towns and explore a little bit?
We do.
It is one of our favorite parts of traveling. It is fun to experience a new place, see new people, get a feel for the local flavor and find the gems, like George's.
There were lots more cool places to photograph, but we needed to get to those poppies.
Don't worry Lancaster, we'll be back to give you your photographic justice.

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