Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Day of James

We celebrated James' 6th birthday on Friday. He and William decided they want to share their birthday party (awesome for me!) but on the actual birthday, it is all about the birthday boy.
So here it is, the day of James, April 23, 2010.
First up, a present. A vintage Star Wars book? Cool! (thanks Danielle!)
William was just as excited as James.
Side note: this picture pretty much sums up William's attitude the whole day. He never moped or complained as James got presents or planned our agenda. He was just happy to be alongside his big brother and share his day. It is plain to see that he adores his big brother. James is his favorite person in the world. I am so glad they have each other. Brothers--it doesn't get any better.
Next stop, Disneyland. James has been waiting months to build his own light saber. After a trip on Star Tours, his wish came true.
He got to pick out his favorite rides, but he did pick the train for William. We traveled back in time, but James was still 6 when we came out of the tunnel and the land of the dinosaurs.
The big surprise was when we took him to the Lego store at Downtown Disney. He had no idea such a place even existed, but when he saw the giant Lego doors, his face burst into a huge grin. He was so excited he was almost teary eyed. I'll always remember that smile.
He kept saying, "I know he's not real."

He picked out a Y wing Fighter for his gift--even thought William was trying to talk him into the $150 dollar set with the Ewoks.
"That's OK James, I'll just pick it out on my birthday."
Looks like we're going to have to have a little "setting limits" talk with Mr. William.
I think his favorite part of the day was when we came home, he stripped down to his undies, for comfort, and he and Daddy built the Y wing.
O bliss. (except for when William was building it wrong)
It shoots rockets?!
He doesn't want cupcakes anymore. He wants the kind of cake that you cut into slices. Chocolate, of course.
I think Aaron and I have just as many wonderful memories of this day as James does. And that is just about the best gift we could have gotten on his birthday.
Happy birthday, Jamers. We love you buddy!


Betsi said...

That is one EPIC birthday! What a lucky kid to have such a sweet younger brother and such an awesome dad who will sit down and build the whole ship with him! And, don't even get me started on his mom!
Glad that it was such a special day for him...and you guys!

Simply Brookes said...

Love the memories, the pictures...but you know I'm checking out your fab mid century style in the back ground.
I love that you are getting all these great family memories down for all to share. Thank you.