Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sledding, Sledding

When you live in southern California, going to the snow is a big deal. It is like if you live in Oklahoma and you go to the beach. It is outside of your norm.
The thing that excited the boys the most about Snow Trip 2010! was sledding.
Again, imagine an Oklahoman going surfing.
Sledding, in the snow, is a big deal when you only do it once a year. (we do go sledding sometimes, but it's a wee bit different.)

So bright and early Sat morning, we hit the slopes. There was a suitable hill right next to the cabin. The men folk built a run, complete with a berm and then the kids got busy.
At the bottom of the run was a short steep hill that led right to the street. So Papa stood guard most of the time to stop the sledders from certain death.
It was a blast.

Here's James leaning into that turn.
Trying it luge style.
Going so fast the wind whips his hair.
Papa catching him after an extra fast run.
William celebrates his first time down the hill.
Trying a faster sled.
He also really liked sliding on his tummy like a penguin.
Or a seal.
Penguins and seals are 2 of his favorite animals, so it was that much more fun.
Cora liked the penguin slide too.
She actually seemed to prefer it to the sled.
Scotty was into it!
Just look at that intensity.
James and Scotty figured out if they rode together they went faster.
They rode together every time after that.
All the kids liked sledding, but there was one little girl who stole the show.
Miss Lilly was the sledding super star. After her first run she was hooked. She kept asking for, "sledding, sledding."
Check her out.
Getting ready to head down the hill.
She's happy and relaxed.
But also focused. Ready for speed.
Note her hand position. She's not even holding on.
She's casual.
She's lovin it!
She even figured out how to lean into the berm and take that curve.
We called her sled Big Red.
Here's Little Red and Big Red.
After each run, she'd throw up her arms and give a rousing,
"Whoo hoo!"
Man I love that girl!

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Lillian said...

So much fun ...just looking at the pictures. William and Lilly look as though their ancestry was pure Aryan. They are all so beautiful and so full of the joy of life. As my mother was fond of saying, "ain't life grand"