Friday, March 12, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

There have been a lot of daffodil pictures around here lately.
I'm glad.
Daffodils now have such a special place in my heart. Every spring I will fill my house with daffodils and I will remember my baby.

I wouldn't necessarily have thought of the daffodils on my own. But I have been given them often in the past few weeks. And now they are so dear to me. They are a something I can hold on to. They are a sweet and beautiful reminder.

There has been so much thought showered on us, on me, as of late. I have soaked it all up and it has been such a part of my healing. There are still times when the grief chokes me, and for a moment I feel like I can't breathe. But a glimpse of those daffodils, a whiff of a dinner that's been brought to my house, the sweet words of a friend, help me much.

Something I have learned from this experience is the truth of Jesus' words when He told us to "Love thy neighbor".
We should. We must.
But so often, I fall short.
It is all well and good to say, "I'll pray for you."
Prayer is vital. But it is also true that we can show our love in tangible ways.
If we're honest, we know we can do more.
We can love our neighbor.

It doesn't have to be much.
A card.
An email.
Aaron's uncle called us from across the country.
He said, "I was thinking about you guys and I knew I just needed to call you."
It meant so much that he did.
So often I think about someone who is hurting or just needs to be shown some love, but I don't stop, right then, and do something for them. And then I forget.

And that is the very thing that has touched me so deeply these past few weeks. You, my dear friends, didn't forget. You stopped. You showed me you cared. And I am so blessed and inspired by you all.

I am sure, if you think for but a moment, you can think of someone who needs your love. They might not be dealing with a great loss or sadness, but they could use an encouraging word. They could use some pretty flowers, or a loaf of banana bread.
They might be overwhelmed with the cares of life and could use some practical help. Like watching their kids or folding their laundry.
These things have been given to me and have been such gifts.

Sometimes I think, "I don't know them that well. Is this appropriate? Weird? Will I make them uncomfortable?"
Now I know. I'm on the other side of it. It is always appreciated.

My hope is that I can show you, my neighbors, in ways big or small, my love for you.

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Lori said...

Wow - what a powerful, inspiring post. This is my first time to your blog but I want to know MORE. Blessings to you, and thank you for encouraging us to bless each other.