Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow Trip 2010!

It's time for a little fun around here, don't you think?
Even though I am full of spring fever and we'll be planting flower seeds tomorrow, I am stepping back into winter for a couple of posts.

We took our 2nd annual trip to the snow a few weekends ago. It was the day after we found out about the baby, but I still wanted to go. I knew the kids would have a blast and that would help distract me from my sorrow.
So here are just a few pictures of the weekend. I took a lot. There will be more.

Who's the first one to see snow?!
Our cabin.
Lilly heads out as soon as we get there.
She likes it.
Aaron wears his flip flops everywhere.
It snowed in the night.
The kids bundled up in jackets, but left on their jammies, to go for a walk.
Lilly in her crazy horse jacket, red pilot hat, jammies and pink snow boots.
That girl has style.
Aaron decided to upgrade to Chucks this time.
Lilly loved snow balls.
She carried one for the whole walk.
William loved snow balls too.
For eating.
Not for throwing.
This was just the first afternoon and morning. Wait until you see Lilly on the sled. We think she might make it onto the women's bobsled team at the 2030 Olympics.

I also posted a few pics over at Picnics in the Park.
Good night all

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Erin McDonald said...

Loved the pictures! You have darn cute kids! can't wait to see you guys again! love you!