Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever

About a month ago, after weeks of rain and cold an dreary skies, the sun came out.
So did we.
We all found ourselves in the back yard and remembered how much we loved it out there. There are only about 2 months of the year when we do not use our back yard constantly. Maybe less. But even after such a short hiatus, it felt so good to be back there again.
We had spring fever.

William was in his underwear.
James was shirtless.
Lilly, who was down for a nap by this point, was in her diaper.

Aaron, pretending to be an island boy, was picking avocados.
Oh, oh, those avocados. They are so creamy and delicious.
Am I ever glad there are hundreds on our tree and that Aaron had "avocado tree" on his "must list" for a house. If we like you enough, we might share some with you. Just kidding--we are totally not sharing. I mean, these things are green gold!
(Truly, I always forget to offer. So you can ask. Don't be shy.)
William, my bug man, found worms.
He loves worms.
The best find ever was when we were digging up our front flower beds and he found a worm over a foot long!
Pure, little boy bliss.
And while James waited on the ladder for his chance to pick an avocado, he dreamed spring dreams of tree houses and tree climbing and whole days spent in the back yard.
Welcome spring!

Oh, and what was I doing, you ask? Well, besides taking pictures of course, I too, was dreaming.
Our backyard is in a pretty sorry state of affairs right now. I mean, embarrassing. We are just four blocks and a car short of hillbilly.
It's bad.
So I was dreaming. Making plans. Imagining some of the projects I hope we get done before summer, when we really need to be out here every day.
As soon as things get moving, I'll put up some pictures. I'll keep you posted.
Until then, I hope you are enjoying some spring fever where ever you are.

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Brooke G. said...

MMMMmmmmmm! Please do share those avocados ;D Do you ship??? J/K! Love the photos. It looks like so much fun.