Saturday, January 9, 2010

Princess Lilly and the Cookie Dough

For all here wrestling, her love of trucks and trains, her trying to pee standing up on the tree out back, Lilly is still a little girl. A little girl who loves to wear her pretty, pretty princess dress and admire herself in the mirror.
I got her this dress at a garage sale for dollar. It was a great find. She asks to put it on at least once a day. She holds up and says. "pretty, pretty?"

But my favorite part is watching her be her usual mishcevious self in her pretty, pretty dress. She's all dressed up, but she's still the same Lilly.
Like this time, when I left the bowl full of cookie dough on the counter and went to deal with someones problem, I'm sure.
I came back to this:

Like I always say, it's a good thing she's so cute. It's her saving grace. Princess dress or not.


Through My Eyes said...

She is too cute!!!

Shannon said...

How adorable! Yes, Kennedy always says cuteness is what God gave kids as a survival mechanism.