Saturday, January 9, 2010

Essential Mommy Skill: Fort Making

You never know when you'll need to build a fort. A rainy day? Stuck at home with kids too sick to play outside, but well enough to be bored? Need an hour to clean a closet? These are a;; great times to build a fort.
Here are the key elements: make it as big as possible, adding a roof is always better, having clothes pins, flat sheets and some rope always on hand make fort building much easier.

And what will your kiddos do in their fort? Well, the possibilities are endless. I remember pretending our forts were ships we were sailing around the world in. Or they were the home where we were raising all the children we rescued from the orphanage.
My kids like to pretend their forts are the final destination in a camping journey.
See, here's the map.
Through the forest, over the bridge and to the fort.

You have to bring a backpack full of supplies.

What supplies? Oh, a hanger for hanging up your jacket, a water bottle,

and always, snacks.

Snacks are really a very important part of any fort experience. The more crumbs the better, right? Because another essential Mommy skill is cleaning up crumbs.
Here's to all the fort makers!

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Lillian said...

Who doesn't love a good fort? You learned well my child. You added an element I never considered, since I was crumb aphobic, food. Your such a good mommy.