Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning

You wait so long for it and finally, it's here! Christmas morning!!!
First, stockings.
Then we light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to the King of Kings. Next we read the Christmas story and remember the real reason for Christmas.

And after that, it's time for presents!
We cut back this year, we really did. And we asked ourselves, did we get them enough? Because as parents we are so torn between wanting to get them everything and knowing that we only need to get them a very few things. It is so hard to find that balance.
Especially at Christmas.

The brothers gave Lilly her own baby doll. A thrift store find for a dollar. She's brand new.
Lilly loved her.

We gave Lilly my old doll cradle. She got right in.

James and William gave each other Playmobil. What's a Christmas without Playmobil?

The boys were so exited to give me the present they picked out. This might just be my favorite picture of the day. I think they were more excited to watch me open my present than they were to open their own. It is a sweet feeling to be so loved by my little men.

Look at those smiles. 2 little porcelain birds. My favorite!

After a bit, we encouraged them to open their "big" present. It was sitting in the living room covered by a sheet. They couldn't figure out where their "big" present was! It was pretty funny how long it took them before they looked under the sheet.
The moment they did, my worries were gone. They all loved it!

This is just how I imagined it would be: all 3 of them playing together. I remember this kitchen from my own girlhood. How I love to pass things down to the next generation.

The boys' other gift: armor and real wooden swords! The knights!

The kids and I got Aaron a ukulele. He was surprised and excited. (and I don't think he was lying)
After presents, they all went outside to try out their new boots from Granny and Dziadzi. Pretty nice.

And William took his snake for a walk.
A rubber snake. He really wanted one for Christmas.

It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

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Erin McDonald said...

Well done! an insperation to all! Justin can't wait to check out Aaron's new toy!