Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun With the Cousins

We always split Christmas vacation in Fallbrook between the 2 grandparents. The first half at Granny and Dziadzi's and the second half at Nana and Papa's. The Stone cousins stay at Nana and Papa's too, so the kids enjoy several days of endless play and good times. They have soooo much fun.
This year the little girls got to join in on the fun. They liked going for walks.

They read lots of books.
I have only this one picture of the big kids because we really hardly saw them. They spend most of their time off in the tiki room (the big room over the garage where Papa has all his tikis) playing school and family and knights and this year, even having a slumber party. I'm telling you, it was kid paradise, It wasn't so bad for us parents either. Like I said, we hardly saw them!

We saw more of these 2. They spent a lot of time together. Here they are, just hanging out in their fort, reading some books.
Lilly and Lizzy. I think they might be causing a lot more mischief by next Christmas!

Fun, fun, fun with the cousins!

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Erin McDonald said...

It looks like you guys had a nice time!! I miss those cousins of yours and sister and brother in laws. Hope they are doing well! Love you guys!