Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Storm--California Style

We woke up last week to a rainy day. Our first real rainy day of the season. It was fun at first.

By 10 am we had already built 2 forts and a reading cave.

We drew, read, snacked, and told stories in the cave.
By noon they were ready to go outside. But it was still pouring and we have no rain boots, hats or jackets.
Luckily Granny is getting them some for Christmas. Although that doesn't help much right now.

Noah and Natalie were coming over for the afternoon so that was our saving grace. Strangely enough, 5 kids shut up in the house was better than 3.

In the afternoon, when the sky cleared, I searched for a rainbow. When I found one, we all ran outside to see it. It was cold and wet, my kids were in their socks, but I didn't care.
You should never miss a chance to see a rainbow.

That night it was freezing.
We woke to frost on the roof.

Temperatures in the 30s!

And this view down our street.

I love the day after a cold winter storm. Since it is a longer drive to the mountains, we usually head to the beach.
It is pretty magical when you look in one direction and see the waves and the other to see snow covered mountains. It is one of my favorite winter moments.

But, it would also be fun to drop everything and say, "fresh snow! Let's go!"
So I've decided that one of my goals for winter 2010 is to assemble a snow outfit for each of us. All stuff of our own, instead of borrowing from a bunch of people for our one trip to the mountains.
My kids have seen the snow once. I'd like to bring that number up to 2, 3 or even 4 this winter.
That's crazy talk for a California girl.


Sheila said...

It is all about perspective. When we lived down there we were pulling on our winter coats at 50 degrees. Honestly now that we lived up here, if it's not in the 20s, we don't even bother if we are just running from the car to the store and aren't going to be out in it long. I'm told your blood thickens. Or maybe we're just lazy? All I know is it was a balmy 41 degrees today (after being down to 5 last week) and Samantha pulled off her sweater to wear just a t-shirt claiming she was hot!

beecher said...

Sweet! And I know what you mean about what makes winter for where you are..we're sitting here waiting for snow ourselves!