Monday, December 14, 2009

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade 2009

We have not missed the Belmont Shore Christmas parade since we moved to Long Beach. Even the year that it was pouring down rain all day--it cleared up in time for the parade. It is always crowded, crazy and fun. We all love it.

There are thousands and thousands of people there. Aaron heads down early to set up chairs for us. This year there were some guys who wanted to claim the whole island where we always sit, even though they arrived at the island the same time as Aaron. When he told them they'd have to settle it with elbows, they finally agreed to share.
Sometimes people forget about the Christmas spirit when they're claiming spots for the parade.

A big part of the parade fun is going with the same people every year. Uncle Mark and Auntie Jess and the cousins are always there. Lilly and Lizzy are all bundled up. And being silly.

Uncle Greg and Auntie Jana always come too. And our best buds, Noah and Natalie. Uncle Greg sat right behind William and Natalie so he could keep and eye on William. I don't blame him. I mean, look at that kid. He's always trying to sneak a kiss from his Natalie.

Even Lilly knows what's on his mind.

When the parade begins, the kids love the bands, especially the drums. There are the favorites that appear every year: the Grand Prix race cars, the jr. ROTC groups with their rifles, the mini race cars being driven by little kids!, all the floats that throw candy, and especially the syncopated drummers.

Another year of good times at the Christmas parade!

Happy Christmas 2009 from the 5 of us!

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Erin McDonald said...

I miss our life season of joining in on the fun at the Blemont shores Parade! The drums are my favorite too! Thanks for the pictures and the memories! I love the family picture! I think I am going to download it and print to put up in my house some place! Sonce I don't have any other picture of your family. The olny one I have is BC before children:) Don't worry I will keep it up forever! Oh I guess I do have one of us at Disney land but yet again BC!! Man time flys! I love you friend! Merry Christmas!!!