Monday, December 14, 2009

More Cardboard Box Art: James Builds a Robot

James likes to build things out of boxes. Remember the diorama we built? We still play with it, and have added real rocks, and leaves to the set, as well as brown felt for a hill and green felt for a meadow. Toys you can make with your own 2 hands are especially fun to play with.

Although, for James, I'd argue that the fun is more in the creating than the playing.
This time he was creating a robot.
He saw the empty box and said, "Mommy, will you cut out a robot for me?" Could I say no to that? He figured out the design himself and told me exactly how to cut it.

And then he decorated.
When it was dry, he tried it on and was pleased as punch

Is this kid his father's son or what?

Th only hard part about James and his cardboard box art projects, where to store them? Because of course they must be kept. Who knows when one might need to become a robot?
I foresee this boy sharing the studio with his Daddy before too long.


Betsi said...

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! Check out my new album, Christmas Season 09, on Facebook. Looks like box creations are in the air this month!

pupandpony said...

Ah, yes, where to store it all... We sometimes have to resort to taking a photo of the wonderful creation, so we can then bear to part with it. But usually we keep it around longer than we probably should.