Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Love Dioramas!

A few days ago we had some empty boxes in the house. I am finally unpacking the office now that shelves and desks are being built and all manner of organizing is being done in there. It is so much fun. But, yes, the boxes.

"What should we build with these, Mom?" asked James.
"What do you want to build?" said I.
"I think, a forest."

So we did.
It became a whole forest scene, a diorama. I love dioramas! It is like having a Natural History Museum right in your house. Or, in our case, on the dining room table.

We made trees. William decorated them with acorn stamps. That's the forest ranger. He's keeping the animals safe from bad guys. Those bad guys, they're everywhere.

The squirrels liked this tree.

We made a pond for the beaver. The other animals liked to come down to drink at the pond, too.
James added a huge house for the forest rangers to live in and the birds to live on top of. The green and yellow material out front is a meadow. A shoe box became a cave and some brown paper a canyon.

James and William spent the whole day playing with the forest. While we were making his forest, talking about the different environments there, the different animal habitats, cutting, coloring, imagining, James asked me, "Is this school?"

Yes, my James, it is. School of the very best sort.


jennifer said...

how wonderful.

Jenny said...

I heart dioramas, too! This one is a beaut. On a side note, my mom took an aptitude test in high school that said she should be a forest ranger. This has always made us laugh...besides being more of a Hyatt camping person than a tent camping person, she would have never worn one of those hats!

Thanks for this window to your life, Greta. It's life enriching to me!

Mommy of three said...

Jenny--I always wanted to be a forest ranger. I still kind of do. But I am sure I would look terrible in one of those hats!
And thanks. I am glad you like it.