Friday, November 6, 2009

When Boys Play House

My boys had never played house, or family as they call it, until a year ago. Their cousin, Cora, taught them how. It just wasn't something they had ever thought of. To be honest, I had never thought of playing it with them either, even though it was one of my most favorite games as a little girl. We played flying a rocket ship. pirates, knights, super heroes but never house.

James thinks you should only play house if there is a girl there to be the Mommy. And since James is the leader of play around here, they don't play house that often. Sometimes though, William talks James into it. William loves to play house. He usually likes to be the baby. Or the monkey. Or the kitty cat.

The other day, they were playing house in the kitchen while Lilly napped and I made dinner.

Here is what it looks like when boys play house:
(without the civilizing influence of a girl)

They are at their camp site, sleeping before they head out on their next adventure.

The storyline:
James is the 8 year old of the family. William is the baby. They had 10 brothers and sisters, but they were all killed by bad guys. The bad guys also stole their Mommy and Daddy. James and William now live with their grandparents but spend most of their time out on adventures trying to rescue their Mommy and Daddy from the bad guys.

Thankfully, the Mommy and Daddy taught James how to use a knife before they got kidnapped. They thought all 8 year olds in the whole world should know how to use a knife. James taught William how to use a knife since all babies should know how to use a knife, too. The baby also has super strength. James has super speed.
They both are super powerful.

As far as I could tell, most of this game consisted of wrestling in the camp bed and telling each other how strong and powerful they were. Also, imaginary chopping up of the bad guys when they found them.

Aren't they so sweet?

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Erin McDonald said...

That is one awesome sounding game of House! 10 kids??? what are they thinking?? And this must be said! All Babies totaly need to know how to use knives! DUH!!