Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fourth Day: Morro Rock

On Highway 1, looking south, towards Morro Bay. In the distance is Morro Rock.

Or, as we call it in our family, "Big Skull Rock."
(Are you noticing a trend here? James and William really like naming things.)

That name came about the last time we vacationed on the Central Coast. James had just turned 3, William just 1. James was a huge fan of Peter Pan at the time, and thus the name, "Skull Rock". The "Big" was added to differentiate it from "Little Skull Rock", a smaller rock on our beach which he climbed daily with Daddy.

James remembers everything about that trip. He has talked about it all so often that William knows all about the trip to even though he couldn't say more than 10 words at the time. Of course, that meant we had to visit Big Skull Rock again. (and Little Skull Rock--see photos here)
We also had to go back to the playground with the pirate ship.

And the whales.
Lilly liked it there too.

After some time on the playground and cruising downtown Morro Bay (read more here) we headed north a little to walk the dunes and the shore and make our way to Big Skull Rock.

Before we reached the beach the boys spotted this little guy. Isn't he amazing? They so wanted to take him home, but we didn't have anything to carry him home in. So we said goodbye to our fuzzy friend.

Before we got to the beach, we had to cross some dunes. They weren't as wild or desolate as the ones on Skeleton Beach. They weren't as windy either. But they were beautiful.
Once we made it to the water's edge, the rock dominated the view. It really is so big and so amazing. It makes me want to see the Rock of Gibraltar.

The boys couldn't wait to get there. They did still stop to inspect all the sea life on the shore.

Like this jellyfish.

Lilly was unimpressed. But the boys will be telling her all about it for years to come, so she won't really miss out.

Me and my sweet William.
The Rock.
Fog rolls in fast from the water, right over the top of the rock.

The boys wanted to touch Big Skull Rock and they were pretty proud of their accomplishment. It was a long walk and this is one big rock.

The view Morro Bay, the town and the beginning of the next rock. There are 9 of them actually. They are all volcanic plugs and are called the 9 Sisters.
James thinks that is dumb. They should be called brothers.
Not only does he continue to call it Big Skull Rock (not Tinker Bell Rock, or Big Sister Rock), he says next time he's gonna climb it.
Oh that boy and his plans.
I love him.

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