Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fifth Day: Aaron's Day Off

Aaron gets 2 weeks of vacation a year. He hasn't taken even one of those weeks since Lilly was born, more than a year ago. There have been a few days here and there, but nothing extended.
Sometimes I miss those sweet days when I was teaching, Aaron was in grad school and we had MONTHS of vacation time. The days when we could go to Europe for 5 weeks, or decide to take a road trip to Seattle and leave the next day, without a care of when we would be back.

Of course, we didn't have kids either, so that made traveling quite a bit easier.

All that is to say that my husband works hard. He needed a vacation. I wanted him to have a little bit more than what we were doing. A real day off, you know? So I suggested he take a day of our vacation for himself and do whatever he wanted, go where ever he wanted, and to really take a little break. It was just a day, I know, but even 1 day can be great.

He wasn't sure. He felt bad for leaving us. I know there are so many husbands who would have planned their 1 week off around golf schedules, or the surf, but Aaron just wanted to be with us. He is good. He is so, so good.

I convinced him. (and I happily agreed to do the same thing myself. I am not that selfless!)

His 3 goals for the day: hike one of the Nine Sisters,

eat a bowl of clam chowder,

and, get a new hat.

Mission accomplished.
He said he had a great day. He was glad he did it. He missed us.
I love that man.

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