Monday, October 5, 2009

The Third Day: the Lighthouse and Skeleton Beach

We wanted to visit the Piedras Blancas lighthouse, but it was closed. It looked like there was a path across the top of the dunes, above the beach.
"I think we can do it," Aaron said. "They're all still awake."
So we did.
Well, we tried.
First we headed down to the water and then hiked across the dunes. It was the first time any of us had been on a beach of sand dunes. The beach was completely deserted. It was lonely and wild and since we wern't far from elephant seal beach, I was a little worried a 1000 pound seal was going to come roaring out of the water at us. There were signs that said, "don't feed the seals."
We didn't see any. It was just us and the wind.
The wind that shapes those dunes. The wind that left waves in the sand. The wind that blew away every footprint. The wind that blew sand in our eyes, our mouth, our hair.
When the path disappeared, and William had a blister on his foot and the wind was too much and James couldn't even smile because he didn't want to open his eyes, we decided to turn back. It was still a fun adventure.
Back across the bluff. Only the cows and mountains to keep us company.
Back down to the beach.
It was a lot less windy there, so we did some exploring. Aaron showed the boys the sedimentary layers making up the bluffs.
And then we found the skeleton. We found several in fact. The boys were so intrigued.
The beach was immediately dubbed, "Skeleton Beach."
We finally made it back to the car for the lovely drive back to Cambria. The sun was shining so we headed to the beach. Aaron and I took turns napping on the sand while our cubs played in the lion cave. We saw dolphins. The kids were so tired by the time we got home they were all asleep before 7. And that was almost the best part of the day. (But don't tell them I said so.)
Today was a gift.

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Tom said...

I guarantee you the only thing those boys will remember is that sweet skeleton. :) Nice pics, Greta. And good on you for keeping at it.