Thursday, September 17, 2009

William--One Year Later

Sweet William

William the Destroyer
When he was a baby, we called him bulldog
For his 1st birthday, we got him the book,
Wild Thing

He's a man of mystery. A man of extremes. A man full of passion that often overflows.
He burns up the few calories he ingests because he is never still. He paces. At mealtimes, he takes a bite, walks around the table and sits down, sort of, for another bite. Then he's up again. He likes snacks better than meals because they are quick. From the moment he learned to get up on his hands and knees, he hasn't been still.

A year ago he was potty training. He was learning to sleep in a big boy bed. He became the middle child. He was trying to find his place in the world.

He had these beautiful golden curls.
He was still such a little baby. There is a such a big difference between 2 and...


You better not make the mistake of calling him a baby. Or even a little boy. He'll quickly correct you. He's not cute either. He's handsome. Or cool. He's also mischievous.
Look at those eyes. He gets this twinkle in them and you know he is up to no good. That's the thing about William; I never know what he'll do next. Often it is something I wish he hadn't. But he doesn't do it to be naughty (most of the time) He just doesn't think ahead of the now. The, "hey, I think I'll see what happens if I use my hand as a plug in this sink. It sounds fun!"
His big brother is his best friend. William adores James. He doesn't much like to play by himself because he has always had a big brother to play with him. He's getting better at it.
He is stubborn as all get out. It's my way or the highway with him. See how he is holding his pencil. That is because he refused to let me show him how to hold it correctly. Finally, he became so frustrated that he couldn't draw anything, that he allowed me to help him. And he was so happy, so, so proud of himself for getting it.

When he is happy, the whole world just glows. His smile lights up his face, and makes his eyes disappear just like mine. He is so beautiful. (Don't tell him I said that. I'd be in huge trouble.)
He really loves to be silly and make people laugh.

And for all his busyness, and wildness and stubbornness, he has a very soft little heart. He is so tender. He is our most cuddly child. He loves to be held close. To be stroked, rubbed and touched.
My favorite time of day is laying in bed with him, right before he falls asleep. He often holds my face in his hands and says things like, "you're beautiful, Mommy." A few days ago, Aaron spent the afternoon with him and as they walked back to the car together, he said, "it was nice to be with you Daddy."

I forget sometimes that he is just 3. He is trying so hard to be a big boy that I forget he is still a very, little boy. Just don't tell him I said so.
He is my sweet, sweet William.
And he still has great hair.

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Erin McDonald said...

I love that William has Aaron's duck lips when he pouts. I love that he is a lot like me and with the right training he can become a marvolouse man of God! you can tell him I said that! Miss you william!