Monday, September 14, 2009

Lilly--One Year Later

In a few days it will be the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I am pretty excited about that. I have written 172 posts. I have taken countless pictures. I have captured a year of our family's life. What treasured memories are here now. What a collection of stories, adventures, funny things said and done and so many of the little moments that make up this sweet little life we lead.

This was my vision for this blog. I am so glad I've made it. I never could have created a traditional scrapbook like this. In fact, James is the only one who as a baby book. (Yes, I am one of those parents and I curse myself) But this was doable. With traditional scrap booking, I get lost in the stickers, the layout, the pretty paper and all the other decorations available in scrapbook stores. Here, my stories take center stage. I have to edit my photos. (I know it doesn't seem like it, but I do) I focus on the essentials and get it done. And now, I have a scrapbook I am proud of. My next step is to turn it into a book. You can do it here. I can't wait to see it in hard back!

All that being said, I am going to do a final post about each one of my children. A sort of then and now look at them. A lot changes in 1 year.
Lilly is first.

You know that song, "I'm a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll"? Well, Lilly is a little bit Lilly and a little bit of The Brothers.
She is as at home on a tractor,
as she is on her pretty pink bike.
Sometimes she is quiet, and cuddly and full of kisses and loves.
Other times she is taking off and looking for adventure, and you just better keep up cause she won't wait for you. She is not afraid to explore on her own, to make friends with strangers and to scale anything her brothers do.
She is not afraid of the waves or the deep end.
But she doesn't like it when her brothers cry.
She loves to play with cars and trains,
but she also loves to dress up in pretty clothes and admire herself in the mirror.
She already knows if she has on something new and will walk up to her Daddy and her Bubbas, expecting them to admire her. Oh yes, she is a little bit brothers, but she is still my little girl.

One year ago she couldn't stand, or even sit. She was almost bald. The little hair she had was brown. Now she is my blond beauty. She is feisty and independent. She is fun and full of love.

Oh how I love my sweet little Lil.
How old are you Lilly?"


Lillian said...

Oh, and how her granny and Dziadzi love their precious Lilly. We are so thankfu for your blogs Greta. I go to my computer each morning, hoping their will be something new, but if not I will enjoy the previously posted stories and pictures. We love you and your dear family.

Naomi said...

Thank you for the link to the site that makes books out of blogs! I needed that :)
I love that you are doing a post about each of your children. Just reading your words I can tell how special they are going to be to Lily when she's all grown up and looks back at her mother's special thoughts of her. I think I may just have to borrow your idea!!

Mommy of three said...

Naomi, I was going to forward you that link. I am glad you found it here. Isn't that the coolest thing?!
I also have some great blogs to forward you with handicraft ideas per our last CM meeting. Should I put them on the CM yahoo group site?

Erin McDonald said...

I love Lilly's eyes! they are so blue! I love that she is ok with playing with me under a table! I also love that she likes to dance in her underwear too! hee hee!