Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Family Visit

Aaron's Great Aunt, Aunt Mimi, came down to Fallbrook for a visit.  She is 93 years young.  She and her son, John, took the train down from Seattle.  While they were here, they did a lot of sight seeing, including Knott's Berry Farm.  Wow!  She is doing pretty good for 93, wouldn't you say?  We hadn't seen Aunt Mimi since our Christmas break road trip to Seattle, (definitely before kids) and it was so good to see her and Uncle John.
Aunt Mimi is Aaron's grandma's sister.  Sadly, Grandma Georgia is no longer with us.  It is good to see her sister and share fond memories of Grandma and the rest of the family.  Their brother, Uncle John was there too.  I had never met Uncle John before, and was delighted to hear him tell about his recent ride on the Silver Bullet roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm. Uncle John is 91. 
These 2 make the 90s look good!  They are both still riding the rails.
Here are the men folk: Uncle John, Papa, (cousins) Daddy, and Uncle John (since this is for my kiddos, those are the names they will identify most easily.)  I am not mentioning any family resemblance.  James and William--enjoy your hair now......
It was lovely to see the kids interacting with their relatives.  Here is Uncle John reading a story to Lilly.  He promised to have the kids skiing in days if we bring them up to Seattle some winter.  Who cares about the kids skiing?  I want to learn how to ski in days!
This is my favorite picture of the evening,  Here is Aunt Mimi, surrounded by great, great nieces and nephews.  They were all eating dinner together and chatting her ear off.  She was holding her own though.  She was around when Papa and Aunt Tina were this little, when Daddy and Auntie Jess were this little, and now with these guys.  What a great visit with a Great Aunt. We love you Aunt Mimi!

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