Saturday, July 11, 2009

These Are the Days

I have been blogging here for almost a year.  Lilly was 2 months old when I began.  She is 1 now. As I look back to those first posts, those early pictures, it seems like a life time ago.  I am so thankful I have this record of these small people and these small things that make up our days. The victories, like potty training, or a day of good naps,  the funny things they say and do, Lilly learning to roll over, and William learning to swim; these things are so important.

There are times when I allow myself to become so overwhelmed by this life, that I loose sight of how wonderful it all is.  I focus on the laundry that is never finished, how toys are never put away and dream of the day when I will make a dinner that everyone likes.  And it won't be cheese and crackers.  How silly.  How meaningless these thoughts are.  

Time moves quickly.  I can focus on the things that will always be there, laundry, or on the things that are fleeting, Lilly holding her brothers hands to steady herself while she walks.  I know where to look.  And though I might forget it, I know, I know, that these are the days.

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