Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easter Morning

I warned you that I'd be taking a few trips into the past.  I have a few pics I have to get in from the time I was computerless.  Here's Easter.

I love Easter morning.  I love hiding their baskets and playing the hot and cold game just like my mom did with us. William still needs a fairly obvious hiding place.  
It was Lilly's first Easter and she was pretty excited about her Easter basket.  James helped her find it and showed her everything inside.
I found these Easter baskets (buckets really) at Target when William was a baby.  Being the planner that I am, I had to buy an additional 2.  1 boy and 1 girl.  I knew we wanted another baby, so I didn't want him or her to be the odd one out.  I'm glad I got to use the pink one!  (I guess if we have a 4th, it has to be another boy.  For Easter.  Wait a minute!  Slap some sense into me--another one?!?!?!?)
William tried out his first Cadbury egg.  He wasn't sure what to think.  He like the chocolate, but not the middle.  "Member, Mommy?  I don't like eggs."
After Easter baskets, it was time to get ready for church.  Easter service is always good, but of course, the kids are all waiting for the Easter egg hunt.  I really love this picture of William peeking around Dziadzi's arm, ready to go.  The little kids are always first, and I have pictures of Simon, Jack and James doing the same thing.  I love his sweater too. James wore it for the past 2 years.  I love seeing William in it.
And the Easier egg starts!  Jack and James hit the ground running.  They've got this Easter egg hunt all figured out. They got waaay too much candy.
Brothers in their Easter finest.
Our 3 beautiful babies.  Helping Lilly stand up on her wobbly legs. I love them in spring time clothes.  
Here we are: an Easter family photo.  
Another happy Easter.  
"Christ the Lord is risen today.  Alleluia!"


Lillian said...

Lilly really does look excited about her Easter basket. What cuties.

Erin McDonald said...

four under the age of six sounds great to me but of course I'm the one with out any at all! Well I am glad we got to see you on this blessed day! Love you!