Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Los Jiligros Preserve

During our long stint in Fallbrook, we spent a lot of time exploring and hiking the "wilderness".  We started in Fallbrook at Los Jiligros Preserve.  There are 2 ponds, old tractors that the farmers used to plow the fields, birds and trails to run on.  It is a great place.
I have a lot of memories of this place.  My sister and I used to take out dogs there for walks.  Aaron and I had our first picnic there.  I love going there with my kids now.

There are lots of things to see at the preserve.  William likes the bugs.  He is my bug man.  He loves to find different bugs and watch them until the rest of us are ready to move on.  Some of them he tries to pick up and put in his pocket.  He loves to have a roly poly as a pet. 
We enjoyed going there with Auntie Kristen.  She was a good hiking partner.  And she is always much more sympathetic to tired little boys than Mommy is!  

Mornings at the preserve are beautiful.  

One of my favorite things about spending time in Fallbrook is sharing memories of my childhood with my kids.  Both Aaron and I can say, "I went here when I was little."  Now they are becoming apart of that history.  How blessed we are to be making new memories in Fallbrook.  

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Lillian said...

I love the picture of William running behind James.....his hair is flying in the wind.